We made it!


After a rough start thus morning (we made it to the airport with minutes to spare) we arrived at MCO at 830am. Headed to pop and got a 70s king room. It wasn’t ready so we headed to DTD. ate at TRex even tho it wasn’t on the dining plan. Lol I highly reccomend the cotton tini it was soooooooo good. Did some DQ and got the text we were ready. Headed back, napped and then went to the GFCafe. It was ok. My meal (the penne) was really salty. Now, I am sitting waiting for Wishes to start and then the parade. Rootbeer floats are in our near future as well. Ill try and post daily but I get no signal in the resort!!!


Hey Sewell, NJ. I’m in Pennsville, just about 30 minutes away. Keep the Disney info coming. We are headed down in November and I’m checking posts daily to keep up the anticipated excitement.


Have fun and enjoy Wishes–it is my favorite!


Enjoy your trip!


Hope you have a great vacation. can’t wait to see your pictures and read your TR.


Keep the updates coming when you can and hope you enjoy the parade!


Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Have fun and keep the updates coming.


Have fun and keep us updated!


Have a great time…Where can u find root beer floats??


Hope you’re having a wonderful trip.


Have a Magical vacation!


Looking forward to your updates! Sounds like you had a great first day! YUMMY Rootbeer floats!! I always have a hard time deciding between rootbeer and dolewhip pineapple floats.

Can’t wait to read more!


Have fun and I will keep checking for the updates, thanks!!


Hey! Sorry, this is the first time I’ve had.signal. we are waiting for fantasmic to start. Full trip report when I get back!