We made our ADR's!


We made our ADR’s, or rather our travel agent Lauren did, and here are results:
3/27 Thrusday Coral Reef 6:50 pm
3/28 Friday O’hana 9:00 am
3/29 Saturday Boma 7:00 pm
3/30 Sunday LeCellier 7:00 pm
3/31 Monday Sci-Fi 7:00 pm
4/01 Tuesday Cinderella’s Castle 9:00 am
4/02 Wednesday San Angel 7:00 pm
4/03 Thrusday Tony’s Town Square 6:55 pm
So what does everyone think??? We got into the Castle…I am so happy:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Looks like you have a great assortment there: a little bit of everything. The only one I haven’t tried on your list is Tony’s.


We picked Tony’s because we want to be in the Magic Kingdom our last night for the fireworks.


They look great! We have Tony’s on our list for our next trip, It will be interesting to hear what you think!


They look good.
Boma Im a minority I dont care for it. :blow:
Tried for the firdt time last month Tony’s excellent and Coral Reef enjoyed it. Coral Reef is $$$$ expensive but good.

Cinderellas castle and San Angel havent tried but will look foward to your TR to see how you like them.


Looks great! Some I’ve tried, others I haven’t. But I have heard good review for all of them.


Very nice choices…

I’m with Casey on Boma :blow: And :phone: on Tony’s. Very nice italian restaurant.

You’re going to love O’Hana and LeCellier


Looks delicious!


you got some wonderful adr’s!! take lots of food pics for us!!