We made reservations!


My DH called and made reservations for our Disney Trip! They are for December 17th-30th of next year. We are hoping to be able to add a few more days in the beginning/end as well, we have to wait till DH’s leave block is annouced to know when we can go.
I do have two questions though;

  1. The Castmemeber that made the reservations said that since we were overseas that nothing will be sent to us (No magical express packet, no reservations, nothing) is this true or was he being a pain? He couldn’t understand what an FPO box was.
  2. If its true how do we get our luggage picked up be the Magical Express?

Thanks! Im so excited to finally be booked. :pirate:


I don’t have any answers, but I had to say I could almost feel your excitement. Good for you. Now enjoy all the planning. Curious, how long will it take you to fly from Japan to Florida?


Sorry, I have no answers for you. However…Yipeee and good for you! Congratulations, you have a whole year to look forward to and plan your trip. How exciting. Yay for you!!


Depending on the layover time its between 20-24 hours but we gain 16 hours (if that makes any sense at all). Its the only part Im not looking forward to since our DD will be almost 2 and she already doesn’t like to sit still.


HURRAY!!! i have no answers, but i’m doing the happy dance with you!!!


I cannot believe that that is true. You might want to look into booking through a travel agent here in the US. That would put your mind at ease and you could concentrate on your planning.

Happy planning :smile:


Seems I remember reading ME is for domestic flights only. Makes sense. But I could be wrong.