We made the reservations


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;984274]That is so awesome. Wish we could’ve went while there. Sadly though I didn’t even know it existed until after we left. Take many pics as the only part I got to see of mainland was Osaka.

Kadena, Courtney, Tori, Butler, Hansen or Foster?[/QUOTE]

It was the only think I was excited about when I found out we were coming here.

Courtney, DH works on Hansen.


I remember when Courtney hosted the 50yr reunion of the Battle of Oki. 100’s flew back for it. Very moving. A lot of crying, many for sadness, many for joy.
Fun Christmas Fest.

Home…Kadena. Washington Heights, Gate 1 next to the golf course, very top of the hill. Used to watch the sun set on E.China Sea out my window every day. Sigh.:crying:

If you’re going to Tok Dis in Dec, isn’t that around Cherry Blossom time?
Oh yes, please take pics. Lot’s. It’s so beautiful that time of year.:happy: