We met the coolest people!


We met Debbie and Mike at Tony’s the other night (May 11th!!) They were having dinner at Tony’s for thier 9th anniversary!. My DS4 was acting up, so we didn’t get much time to talk to them…but we kept running into them at other things (Toy story mania, etc), so we started chatting!! and…we have so much in common!! It truly is a small world after all!!! We ran into them again tonight at the comedy warehouse in pleasure island, and we had a blast together!!! New mousebuzzers to come!! That’s for sure!!! There names are Debbie and Mike, and they are really cool!!! Hope you all get to meet them soon! As you can probably tell, I had one to many shots at the comedy warehouse tonight!!! Hope to sober up tonight so we can enjoy our day tomorrow!!!

See you all soon!! Miss you!


Sounds like a wild night at WDW tonight:laugh:cool that you found some people. I have met many people over the years at random while on vacation at WDW. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


Sounds like you’re having a great time!


Sounds like your having a blast. Wish I were there too! I am always the person who get teh weird loks like, “why are you talking to me!” unless its another Mom with a child around the same age. It would be cool if we met people in the same resort with a child the same age as DS, don’t have the money to pay for a friend to come along.


I’ll have whatever you’re having :laugh: I enjoy meeting people from everywhere- the conversation usually starts when people ask me where my kids get their red hair…


Can you take kids to the comdey warehouse? My 17 DS would love it there.


My understanding is the Comedy Warehouse and the Adventurers Club are the two venues that allow under 21 accompanied by an adult. They’re on our list for this fall - although the list is getting quite long :pinch:


How great you met people you have so much in common with. I love meeting new people and making new friends.:biggrin:


Your story reminds me of a time when my sister and I got on an airplane and by the time we got off she had made friends with everyone on the plane.

That is so crazy that you kept running into them. With all the people at WDW and all the things to do there, it amazes me that you could run into anyone more than once. They must be destined to become MBs.


It seems to me that WDW brings out the best in people!! How great for you that you’ve been able to meet some “new friends”. I remember last August I ran in to some old neighbors at the airport; we were both on our way to WDW. We ran in to them two more times at MK…what are the odds!!!:laugh: