We met Vanessa Hudgens!


Well, we decided to go and I’m glad that we did. It was a nice (although long) day. Most of the mom’s were friendly. All the little girls had a blast. The had a jumbo video screen set up and they were showing HSM 1 & 2. There were several vendors offering freebies. We got free Vitamin water and regular water, Turkey Hill ice cream, Herr’s pretzels and chips, and a local radio station was giving out frisbees and stuff.

The event staff as the Rockvale Outlet mall were very friendly, helpful, and efficient.

DD was very happy and Vanessa was beautiful. Before she began signing she took a moment to say hello and thank them all for coming. She tried to say a little something to each of the kids even though it was about 10 seconds that they were there with her.

She was, unfortunately, a little late and she took a short break in the middle, but they moved people through very quickly. She smiled a lot and signed whatever people brought. She did not get through the entire crowd. I would estimate there were about 5,000 people there.

I am happy to have done this with my DD.

I will post pics as soon as I upload and resize them. I think I got some good ones.


I am so glad that worked out for you! I’m going on Monday to shop…I’m not a little worried there won’t be any merchandise left!:eek:


Don’t worry, there is still plenty left for you. Make sure you check out the Disney Store, they were having some really good sales. I got T’s for $5 and pin and lanyard sets for $2.99. Happy shopping!


OK, pics are ready.

Waiting to meet Vanessa

Vanessa arrives and thanks the crowd for coming.

The jumbo screen.

Still waiting.


These pics are after she took her break and was walking back to the stage.


These are at the signing table.


And this is what we got after waiting for 4.5 hours in line.


ROFL @ her signature.

At least your daughter had fun.


Thats cool that you went. I thought about it but didnt feel like messing with Lancaster today. My DD didnt mind that we didnt go but Im happy to hear that you guys had fun.


Sounds like you had a good time despite the long wait. Your daughter will remember it for years to come.


We were in Lancaster this weekend and couldn’t figure what was going on in Rockvale. We heard from someone at Park City Mall it was someone from Hannah Montana.When I see your pictures I’m sorry (maybe the old man in me) but I don’t know who the girl in the pictures is.I may be the only person on earth but I have never seen High School Musical.I’m sure your daughter will remember this for a long time.


I am glad you guys went. Thanks for posting the pics.


Nice pics. She’s so pretty!


Don’t feel bad Preston, I didn’t know who she was either. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have young one’s in the house any more.:laugh:


COOL! What FUN!! Meeting an idol is always a good memory.

In my Jersey Girl Rockin’ days, I met Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) I still have his drumstick with autograph . . . some 20 (um) years later . . . it’s still like it happened yesterday! :laugh::laugh:

What about Emily . . . wasn’t she there too . . . or did you have to pick a line?


how fun! that is a memory your dd will cherish forever! what a good mommy you are!!!


[QUOTE=Kippage;868333]ROFL @ her signature.

At least your daughter had fun.[/QUOTE]

I know, right? It is a scribble. DD did have fun though.


Thanks. It was really crazy and the mall was mobbed, but I’m glad we went.


We did, and I hope she will remember it fondly.


Don’t feel bad, if you don’t have anyone under 16 in your house it is no surprise. Emily Osment from Hannah Montana made an appearance yesterday, and this young lady appeared today.