We need a new Princess


Hasn’t it been a while since a new Disney movie that gave us a princess? Are there no more stories to tell. While I was at Disney I was thinking how much I love the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. I sure could go for another such story.


I would love another princess. Disney didn’t give me the job when I asked to be the new one, so hopefully they come up with a new one sooner or later. I still think it should be me.:laugh:


I hadn’t thought about that!!! But it is oh so true! WE NEED A PRINCESS!!!


Want a new Princess huh? Wish granted! The new hand-drawn animation film in the works is a new Princess story!!


Oh, Rowdy beat me to it! :smile: But I was going to say, isn’t that new traditional-animation movie called the Frog Princess or something like that? Sounds like our wish may be coming true! :biggrin:


Is Rowdy giving out confidential information? :tongue: As a CM I was under the impression that we signed ourselves to Disney with our blood and any secrets we hear had to stay secret!

…even so, that would rock. Another princess, AND hand drawn. It better be a good movie with good art.


I’d personally love to see it myself. And I’m thrilled that Disney is going back to their roots for a hand drawn princess type animated feature. As much as I like the Pixar, I have to say, it’s about time.

Who knew that 10 or 12 years ago, when we were watching Pocahontas and then Mulan, that we’d be watching the last of an era… untill now it seems!


Yes, anything that’s supposed to remain secret does, but that’s a confirmation that’s been released by Walt Disney Pictures, THEREFORE the cat’s out of the bag and it’s no secret.

You know how tight lipped I am. I’m still trying to convince everyone on this board the characters are real. The cool thing is noone’s been able to disprove me yet :laugh:


Thanks for the update you guys! I hope it will have music in it as well. That will really make it tops on my list.


In the meantime, Andrew will have to wear a dress …


Frog Princess (Hand drawn) and Rapunzel (Computer Animated)!!


But one that is sleeveless, and shows off my tattoos, right?




My 2 neices (an almost 4 year old, and an almost 5 year old) would be in :heart: with :mickey: if they got a new Princess. My own 4 year old isn’t as in to the princesses. She prefers Lilo. :wink:


I would like to see a princess with more ethnic diversity. True we have Mulan and Pochantas, but I was noticing the other day how the most marketed princesses were white, and I thought it was shame there wasn’t more diversity.


You mean they’re not!!:ohmy: Of course they are real.:happy:


Don’t forget Jasmine.


Anyone have a pic of what the Frog Princess will look like?


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