We need more points


I just wish I had the money to buy more right now. We bought 200 points years ago and it seemed like enough until we fell in love with one bedrooms a few years ago. The last three summers we’ve split our stays between a studio and a one bedroom and it’s working, I just wish we had enough for a one bedroom for the whole trip.

However, I do like that we’re splitting our time between two resorts. I just booked our next trip and we’re staying 5 nights at Bay Lake Tower in a studio and the rest of the trip were at Beach Club in a one bedroom.

Now I just need to throw a schedule together so we can make ADRs in a few weeks. Trip planning gets me through the winter.


We just came back from a trip. 7 nights at BLT and 4 nights at BCV. After we checked out of BLT, we went over to BCV. Just sitting around, I look on my tablet and see “start checkin for 1 bedroom” Instant panic…noooooo, I booked a studio, I’m thinking points would be borrowed, messing up future plans… I go to CM…It turned out we got an upgrade. I asked three times, with no change of points??? Nope. They didn’t give us a reason, just it happens sometimes. So during that 4 days I checked our account many times, expecting to see some mess up. Everything seems in order. But anyway. DH kept saying this is really nice. I also am saying wow, this and that space is so nice. Now we live in a single home with just the two of us, it’s not like we never get to be alone. It was so nice, but of course it’s almost twice the points. I don’t think we’ll ever see that happen again.


I’ve been in the borrow mode forever, and that’s with staying only in studios. We only have 160 points, and have been thankful that we were able to purchase when we did (when buying direct was affordable), but every so often we get a one bedroom here or there, and I’m at the point where I truly only want one bedrooms too. Just last week we officially moved to Michigan, so hoping once our house sells in Illinois (if everyone can say a prayer that it happens soon!), once I find a job out here, we will most likely pick up some more points so that we can begin our next stage of life…not being sqooshed in a studio!


Well, we didn’t buy more points but our trip has grown. We’re now staying in a third resort! We added an extra week on to our trip. We didn’t want to use points so we booked a regular room on cash. We got a great deal on it so I don’t mind paying cash.