We saved our coins


I was just so excited I had to share… Last night DH and I sat down to roll up all of our coins we have saved since deciding to go to WDW this past March. We have $524 saved. I could not believe it! It is amazing how quickly you can accumulate cash when saving coins. Now I just have to start to cash them in at our bank.


good job. the most we ever had was around 250 i think…


That is fantastic! I usually do the change thing too, but slipped with it this time around. I’ll be lucky to have $20…lol


Way To Go! You must have had a lot of quarters.


Good for you!!!


We rolled our coins like week and we were up to $375 but we still have 7 months until we go so that should go up significantly.


Just curious, don’t your banks have coin counting machines? A lot easier and faster. But congratulation on the $524. We’re lucky if we get $300. But then I’m the only one who puts in the change. DH seems to forget. :huh:


Still have 7 months to go, you will be on easy street if you keep up the good work! Good for you guys!!!

We are 37 day out and I just said to DH that we should start throwing our $1 bills in too! We end up wasting them if they are in our wallet and I think it will make us think twice before breaking the larger bills. We will haveto see what ttaht does for us. We have accumulated $300 Disney rewards dollars too, so spending money for this trip is pretty easy.

Can’t wait!


We do this too and find usually that we have between $200 and $300 each time we go. Not a ton but hey it spends!


[QUOTE=WDW Rules]Just curious, don’t your banks have coin counting machines? A lot easier and faster.

I was thinking the same thing. Every time my Disney jar gets full, I bring it into the bank, hand it to them and put the money in my Disney savings account. The tellers now ask me how much longer to Disney?


I know I would love it if our banks had them, but they don’t. Our grocery stores do, but they charge you to use the machine, and it is a percentage of the amount you have counted. We usually save about $200 - $300 that way too. It does add up!


How cool are you, Nokey??? COngrats! That’s alot of spare change!


Definetley start with the dollar bills. When you use the check book, round the amount you write in it up to the next dollar, too. That adds up fast, while sitting in the account. Maybe keep two books- one with the amount you over write written down, and 1 with the checks written in it, so you can keep track of just how much is extra.


We do this as well. We use it for the airline tickets. Just in one month we have $87.00. The problem with that is I dont usually carry cash. I use my debit for everything because I collect visa extra points.


That is a great idea! I will start tomorrow, Ths should really add up for next years trip!


the key is to not take coins out when you need them…


WOW! Thats is great. I have been trying to save quarters for Miss SMIG, for the penny press I think we have about $30.00 or so.
But this is just me, DH put his change in the bucket…


That is why we find it easier to get one of those water cooler bottles and that way we can’t put our hands in the jar!

I figure that I will have to put the $1 bills in something else so that they will be able to be retrieved before our trip! I was thinking a coffee can with a hole in the lid, any better suggestions?


Wow, that’s a lot! Congratulations!! :happy:


I always did this when kids were little, it was the best way to finance a WDW trip. I had a old coffee can of nails with a false bottom I kept in the laundry room for the money that was left in pockets. I also collected $$ from seat cushions. It does add up.