We saw Hannah in 3D today!


Did anyone else?

It was a lot of fun! The girls got decked out in all there Hannah gear! The 3d effects were great! Was it worth the $15 price tag . . . not so much! For an 1.19 min, I think they should have charged regular movie tix price . . . but whatever the girls had a blast, hanging with their friends! :happy:

I’ll say this . . . if Miley Cyrus stays as “real” and “grounded” through her whole career, she’ll have a nice long one!!


We have tickets for a Monday show, but aren’t going to be able to make it because of our WDW trip. I’m glad to hear it was fun though, I would have loved to see it! :happy:

You’re right…that $15 is sure a steep price tag! :pinch:


My daughter is going tomorrow for her birthday with four friends and her younger brother. At $15 a tickets, I decided to let them go in on their own. (She is 14). I didn’t care if I saw it and would rather go shopping.


That girl’s song is on th eradio every other song! And on all the iPods in the car, and EVERYWHERE. She must be a zillionaire by now!


We’re going tonight. I know my girls are looking forward to it, but I am really not. I may bring earplugs. Not that I think the music is bad, but I know it will be pretty loud and I know there will probably be a lot of screaming tweens.


my brother is a manager of the cinema so we could have gone for free but Emily thought it would be better to pass until the crowds go away. She wants to see it but not with a bunch of screaming little girls


We’re going this afternoon. My DD is very excited and we are going to go see it with some friends and grab some dinner afterwards. All of this should make for a great evening!!


Unfortunately, I don’t think the crowds will go away. It is only a 1 week engagement. We saw it yesterday at the first showing the theater had for the day. At 1:00 in the afternoon there were only a handful of people there.

DD loved it. We were singing and having a good time. I agree that it was short for a $15 movie. Outside the theater that conveniently had HM merchandise for sale. All the cd’s, DVD’s, posters and such.

I am glad we went though.


This is what shocked me . . . everyone sat quietly and watched like a movie! My friend and I were like come girls get up DANCE and they were like “MOM, sssssssssshh!” :laugh: :laugh: They do do a “scream sequence” in the movie and it’s funny! There are some behind the scene shots that are good too!

AND man is that girl a DEAD RINGER for her MOM! WOW! Hannah/Miley wears real cool costumes too!


We went to the 3:10pm showing, right after school . . . when we came out there was a big line for the 5:10pm performance . . . maybe that crowds was louder . . . but ours wasn’t!


She was one of the highest-grossing music stars of 2007…like somewhere in the top 3…and yes, she’s still just 15 years old. :eek: :cool:


it’s not even playing here!! the closest cinema is an hour away, and the shows this weekend were sold out (except for 8:50 AM or 11:50 PM)! we thought about going on tuesday (the only open night for us), but could only get there for the 7pm show (no way we’d make the 4pm with school) - but with $15 tickets, and an hour each way, it’d be waaaay too late on a school night for a 4 & 7 year old.

they are bummed, but i told them I am pretty sure it’ll either be back, or on dvd. it’s gotta be making a fortune for them!


My 6 year old DD went today… She wore her HM shirt shoes hair glitter bracelet and necklace… She was so excited!