We set sail Dec 2007


My girl and I have decided to get married, we are not telling anyone untill Jan.

Our wedding is going to be a Disney theme and our honeymoon is going to be the Disney Cruise Land and Sea package.

4 nights at WDW and 3 nights on the cruise.

Honeymoon Package & Romantic Escape Package.


Congrats! Congrats! I don’t know how you are going to keep the secret, but good luck and Congrats!!! BTW is you future DW a Disney Addict too?


:wub: :flowers: :wub: :flowers: CONGRATULATIONS!! :wub: :flowers: :wub: :flowers:

Wishing you and your fiancee a lifetime of happiness! I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding and honeymoon!

DH and I had a very simple wedding, but we threw in a little Disney theme too. I asked the men to wear black and the girls to wear red, so we were kind of in Mickey Mouse colors. And both the groom and my dad wore Mickey Mouse ties. :mickey:


She is becomming one. Shes just as excited as I am.

It’s easy to keep the secret. We are so busy working and such we don’t have time to tell anyone.

Great idea. Mind if we borrow it? We were still deciding on colors. We knew we wanted Mickey colors but wasnt sure how.

I will wear the Mickey Ears top hat and she will wear the minnie bride ears.


Wonderful! You will love the cruise. Which Disney resort are you staying in?



:wub: :heart: :mickey: :flowers:


Wow! how exciting! congratulations!


By all means, please take our idea and run with it! :mickey: We were going to do the Mickey/Minnie ears as well, but Disney was sold out of them right around the time we got married…oh well! :happy: We had such a great wedding day, I don’t think we missed that little detail!


OHHHH what wonderful news…


Congratulations!:wub: The Cruise is SO fantastic! You’re going to LOVE it!

Book a “couples massage” at Serenity Cove (no kids allowed) at Castaway Cay.:wub: :wub: And dinner at Palo’s.:wub: :wub: :wub:


We booked the romantic escape packag which includes dinner at Polos adn the Tropical rain forest spa. Might add a massage later.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort


CONGRATS to you and your wife to be!!! :happy: :heart:

when are your dates? :ohmy:
I was thinking of going then for me and my dd’s birthdays!

12/16 dept on the Wonder.

Congrats again to you both!!! That sounds like alot of fun and a nice choice for a honeymoon!!! :happy:



Your plans sound wonderful. I hope you have a long and happy marriage!


Congarts! Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon to me.