We went to Epcot last night!


and it was fun!




Where did the first half of September go??

After that long absence, I bet Epcot WAS fun!


Yes, Expie! I was, well, GIDDY with excitement! We hadn’t been in SOOO long!!!



Certain restrictions on Mousebuzz prohibit me from threadjacking this Trip Report by asking you to finish. :mellow:

Though, oddly, I’m still not sure that you’ve started! :laugh:

Want to hear all about it anyway! :ph34r:


Yay Erin! What’d you do? Who’d you see?


i am very happy for you. must have been a great time… however, i am turning a nasty shade of green right now, lol.


It was fun?

That’s all we get? :confused: :ohmy: :happy:


Hooray! Did you ride the Maelstrom?


Does someone know where her church is? We could send someone to get her and sit her in front of the computer to finish!


Hello! More please. I have 5 more minutes until kickoff.


Alright…Here goes. :c)

We just got our new camera. Finally. A Kodak P850, in case you’re wondering. (I know, Kippage, I know…but, I love this camera.)

The day started off a total bummah, because Matt was off, but he decided to go to work. :sad:

So, I moped around here. I boycotted the dishes, the laundry, and everything that resembled work.

Well, about 3 hours after Matt was at work, he calls me. He says “How do you feel about a road trip?”


“I don’t know”

“How about, ORLANDO???”

“Why Orlando, Erin? - What’s in Orlando?”

“Don’t toy with my emotions, Matt”

So, we discuss for a few minutes, and it’s decided. He’s coming back home, and we’re going to go to WDW. :happy: :happy: :wub:

Matt is a great guy, and I love him, and I’m very lucky. :happy:

I call my girl Paula, and I insist on stalking her, so EPCOT it is!! (like we mind!)

Matt is in a picture taking mode, so all the pictures for this little report are his. HE’s awesome at it, but it’s very random. :c)

Here is Matt and I. He rocks for taking me to EPCOT!


Oh yeah, and so I hurried and did all the work that I boycotted earlier, so he wouldn’t come home and be disgusted. LOL! :ninja:

I felt really bad, too - he was at work thinking of me, and I was at home, being a brat. :sad:

Oh, well - we’re going to EPCOT!

I made record time getting there. My best time, yet. I got there in a little over an hour and a half.

Here is what Miss Caisley likes to do on the way there.


Matt, like I said, was in charge of the camera…

and he is insane.


Did you get your goat puppet?? huh …huh… did ya…did ya??

I could tell just by your face that you are a newer. sleeker, trimmer version of the Erin we all love! What a beauty!


I was this |<-------->| close to go to EPCOT this morning! But then I fell back to sleep.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of your report! I need a good one…tell me you road Maelstrom :laugh:

(oh and thanks Matt for making this TR possible)


OMg… Miss Caisley’s getting so big… I can see her Disney dress must not fit anymore.


Awww, you should have told me you were coming. Oh well, I guess there is always NEXT WEEK! :happy:


We get to the Contemporary to valet.

You know you’re one of the cool people, if THIS picture is in your camera.

I’m just sayin’…


You will just have to read this TR and find out! :wub:

OH, and you’re my new best friend, and I love you.


So, we all know how much Matt loves those random scenery pictures.

Here is one for those of you who enjoy them, as well.

I think he has a fantastic eye, and I would of NEVER thought of taking this picture.

It’s as you’re coming up to the side door of the Contemporary. Matt made us walk all the way around so he could get this picture, btw. :pirate: