We were supposed to take it easy


But we didn’t. I have no idea where the time went. It seems like from the minute we landed in Orlando, to the time we were picked up by the Magical Express to go home, we did not stop. We managed to get in so many things, and yet, we still missed others. Which, of course, gives us a fine reason to go back.

A few details to begin, and then of course, my memory is foggy, so I will just randomly babble on as I do remember things.

We arrived on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd. The online check in process worked wonderfully. I walked right up to the counter, was handed my packet and keys, our room was ready, so off we went. 6th floor, courtyard view, it was lovely.

As is our tradition, we had dinner reservations at the Crystal Palace. First, though, we needed to activate our annual passes. The quickest way to do this, was to go to the TTC and then head to Magic Kingdom from there. Turned out not to be quick, but nonetheless, our passes were activated and we were off.

Crystal Palace is a huge favorite of ours. Love the buffet, love the characters. HOWEVER, I was not prepared for the increase in price! Just how long has it been since we were at WDW??? I usually do not pay any attention to prices while at Disney, but I have to say, I nearly choked when I saw that dinner had increased to $41 a person. :eek: Well, live and learn, and we did enjoy it, so, I really shouldn’t complain. But, I think we will stick with lunch at the Crystal Palace from now on.


After dinner, we were just going to stroll around and take in the park, but, we discovered it was not as busy as we had anticipated and so we headed on up to Tomorrowland and rode the People Mover and stopped in to see Carousel of Progress. Next, we hit Buzz, which also was not a long wait.

Space Mountain was a long wait, so we moved on over to Winnie the Pooh, which we got fast passes for and then over to see what the line at Peter Pan looked like, just for the fun of it. As expected, very long. So, onto Small world, and I can not believe this, but I did not take one picture! I have no idea when they changed the queue for this ride, but it was neat to load from the other side. Philharmagic was next on the list, then back to Pooh, which was down when we arrived. :frowning:

The queue for this ride is adorable! We just kind looked around, and were deciding what to do next when the ride opened back up! We rode it twice, then used our fast pass as the line had gotten considerably longer while we rode it. We were so excited to see the Heffalump was “smoking” again. :slight_smile:


Love the TR and the great photos! Great start- more please!


:eek: $41??? :eek:

More please. :happy:


Did you notice the teenager was smiling? I believe that was twice in one day, too.

Cole still does not like the changes made to the narration on the People Mover. I have to admit, I miss the old one myself. :sad:


After riding Pooh, we strolled over to Frontierland for a whirl on Big Thunder. The wait was posted at 20 mins, but I don’t think it even took 10.

Then, we realized it was almost time for the Electrical Parade. Originally I had not planned for us to stay long on our first night, but our timing just seemed to be so right, that we just had to stay and watch the parade. I have been waiting a very long time to see this parade again. Either my memory is wrong, or, it has been changed a little bit, since the last time I saw it. Nonetheless, it was wonderful! :smile:


Here’s some more pictures from the parade, and then we called it a night.

One of the very nicest parts about staying at the Wilderness Lodge is the boat system. It is soo nice to just hop on a boat and ride back to your room. The boats were wonderfully reliable, and we really took advantage of that little perk. The buses were hit or miss this entire trip. The worst waits were at Hollywood Studios and Epcot.


Definitely changes to the Main Street Electrical Parade. A few new floats were included 8/9-8/13. I think I read something that some floats from Disneyland were sent to Walt Disney World recently. Maybe that is what we are seeing. I really like this parade and would hate to see it go, but I would like to see Spectromagic come back.


Sounds like a great trip so far…While, I do like MSEP a lot, I REALLY miss Spectro…I am so ready for it to return to WDW!!

I am enjoying your Trip Report!! (and, WL is a favorite of my family)


LOVE your sons face on the peoplemover! :laugh::laugh:


Yippee, you started your TR! You are off to a great start! Your boys are getting so big, and the smiling teenager…quite the coup:smile: How wonderful that your timing was spot on for your first night:mickey: Great pics and I love the one of Cole showing his distaste for the narration change on TTA:laugh: Yay for the smoke returning for the Heffalump!
Can’t wait for more…please:rolleyes:


Wow, your boys have grown up! It’s funny that I’m saying this, since I am the child of MB! :laugh:

That’s how it always is for us, as well - “This time, we’ll take it easy.” And then we’ll be total theme park commandos.

Great pictures!!! I love the picture of the castle from the people mover! Keep it coming! :happy:


love the tr … is helping get thru:mickey: the next 26 days…


Awesome TR, cant wait to read more.


Aw, I miss the Electrical Parade!

And WDW’s Pooh ride is so much more awesome than DL’s.


I miss the spectromagic. i love the little guys on the balls.



Yea, a TR with pics! Keep it coming, Limsy. I love your TRs. :happy:


wahooooo, you are writing a trip report and you are staying at the Wilderness Lodge, you lucky duck. And Cole just cracks me up. what a face he can make. Lucas has matured. I cant wait to see the boys. Yes, you too. But the boys :smile:


Thanks for the kind words everybody! Some more pictures from the parade and then on to day 2.

Perennial favorites Capt. Hook and Peter Pan, Mr. Smee and Dopey, of course. :slight_smile:


Originally, we had planned to head to Hollywood Studios on our first day, we had hoped to ride Star Tours as the first ride of the trip. However, since our room was ready, we kind of dawdled too long and the window of opportunity had closed on us. So, that meant day two was going to be Hollywood Studios.

We walked on the ride twice, while dear dh went and battled the crowds for Toy Story Midway Mania fast passes. I can’t believe the hysteria has not stopped. DH said the crowd was especially unruly, lots of shoving and pushing, just to get fast passes. :nonono2:

No spoilers about Star Tours from me, but we really did enjoy the changes to the ride, and the queue definitely was spruced up without many changes, which made the boys very happy.

Afterwards, we had to see the Muppets, and then we found Phineas and Ferb!!:wub: