We won't let a tire blow out spoil our trip, oh no we won't!


Welcome to my next trip report installment. Here is a run down of the basic information:

CAST: Me, DH, DD (14), DS (7)
Dates: Oct. 30-Nov.4
Resort: Pop Century, Room 6337 70’s Section

Our latest chapter of our Disney adventures began on Wednesday, Oct. 29 at noon. DH and I had to work that morning so the kids went to school and we went to work. IT was finally noon and we were ready to head south. Aidan (DS) had to take some test that morning due to missing 1 1/2 days of school and that turned out to be a bad idea. We got his grades yesterday and he was apparently more focused on WDW and not those tests. :pinch: Uh oh, DS may not be able to be pulled from school like DD has been and not have it effect him. Anyway, we ate lunch in the car headed out. We were making great time, smooth sailing, UNTIL the kids started yelling about a bug in the back seat. They were acting all crazy and screaming. So DH and I both turn around to see what was going. Yep, driver and navigator took their eyes off the road momentarily and we missed our exit for I-16. CRAP! So we did a U-turn. We get on I-16 and with in minutes DH is pulling off the interstate. I was confused because he wasn’t saying anything just pulling over. He looked at me and said I think we just blew a tire. We both get out and yep tire is completely flat. The sensors on the car lit up warning air pressure was decreasing and with in seconds it was flat. DH changed the tire to the spare on the shoulder while I googled closest Sam’s club. The kids were freaking out. They have never experienced a flat on the interstate and with the cars just flying by it was a little scary for them. DH got finished and the Sam’s wasn’t far so we pulled up. The technician said they would check the tire first to see if it could be repaired. (FYI, if you are a Sam’s club member you can have tires repaired for free, it’s a member perk). He told us it would be about an hour. We went to Shake N Steak right next door for some dinner. When we got back to Sam’s they informed us our tire had been slashed by something and had a deep long gash, in short it wasn’t repairable. We needed a new tire. They proceeded it to tell us they didn’t have our tire in stock and it would 3 days. UM, NO that ISN’T an option, next option please. Ok, then you will need to replace BOTH back tires. UM, seriously, this car only has 12,000 miles on it and the tires are like brand new. So the lead technician comes over and says he has a Pirelli tire that will work with the Goodyears we have. Same speed rating, etc. SOLD! So $200 and another hour later we are finally back on the road. We made it to our destination of the Hampton Inn in Palm Coast at approximately 9:30PM. I was stressed out, tired, and praying this wasn’t an omen for this trip. I was ready to hit the bed and wake up to a great, big beautiful tomorrow.


Thursday, Oct. 30
We woke bright and early, hit the breakfast at the Hampton Inn then on the road to Walt Disney World!! The 1 hour and 10 minute drive was uneventful and smooth (other than the construction zones on I4). In no time at all we were seeing that wonderful sight that makes your heart skip, your mouth turn into a Chesire cat grin and your tear ducts to leak a little.


[Our GPS lead us straight to our home for 5 nights. This is our second visit to:


Check in was very quick. I had done online check in and the CM asked if I had been there before she asked if I had any questions, I said no, she handed me our keys and off we went. Our room was ready!!! I had requested the 70s building close to transportation and we got it. Room 6337 was ready and it was a corner room over looking the lake. We walked less than 1 minute to the food court and maybe 2 to the busses. Here are some pics from arrival.


YEAH! Hope that tire was the only unpleasant excitement you had!


We unpacked, freshened up and headed to Downtown Disney for a little shopping and Wolf Gang Puck Express. We stopped in the Co-Op store where I got my first Disney Vera Bradley hipster! YEA!!! I ditched my backpack this trip and switched to the hipster. We went into Basin for DH to get some of the dead sea mud bars (he has psoriasis and any dead sea minerals product works wonders on it). Of course the kids must attempt to be squirted by Stitch outside of WOD and my DH would feel incomplete if he didn’t try on silly hats. My DD’s pizza seen below was SOOOOO yummy! My sandwich was good too. DH had chicken fingers and DS pizza. I Love that I can get Crème Brule at WGPE.


Once we were good and full we headed back to the bus stop so we could go rest a little before MNSSHP! I napped a little and everyone just chilled out. Our plan was to enter the park at exactly 4PM as to get in some rides before the party was officially under way. The kids got dressed and off we went to MK. We got our treat bags and bracelets at 4:05PM. I love the decorations around MK this time of year. Both kids were pirates this year. Our ride was Space Mountain and Aidan HAD to ride it this trip. We waited maybe 20 minutes. He cried and whined a lot in the line but I finally agreed to let him take off his fake mustache/goat tee if he would stop crying and be brave. That worked. Once we were thru with our ride he deemed it “AWESOME”.


Yay!!! Trip report! Thanks so much for posting. This is the one thing I truly miss with MB being so dormant. So glad you had an indication tire pressure was going down. Could have gotten nasty if going at top speed when the air runs out. Oh, and I can’t believe how big your kids are getting!


I’m not seeing pictures. Are they showing up for anyone else?

My DGD has eczema and her hands get terribly raw. She has used “working hands” and it has helped her. I’ll have to mention the dead sea mud bars to my DD.

How was the party? Did you get any special pictures?


Oh no Jo Jo, I’m sorry you can’t see the pics. They are showing on my end. ANY dead sea products help skin conditions (or so we have found). The party was CROWDED! It was sold out. They really need to cut back on the tickets in my opinion. We only did 1 photopass pic the entire trip. I do have some party pics coming up soon. Thanks for reading everyone!


After Space we hit up Buzz and the People Mover. I took my traditional TTA photo of the kids. Here is one from 2007 and from this year. Why do they have to grow up so fast?


I am seeing all the pictures here Jo Jo! :slight_smile:


After our nice relaxing spin on the PM we were getting hungry so we headed to Pinocchio’s Village Haus. When we walked in we saw a VERY large group (probably 30-40 people) all dressed as Dalmatians. It was super cute. After we were refueled we headed to Liberty Square to hit Haunted Mansion. On the way I took some photos, at what HAS to be the most photographed bathrooms in the world! I also took a very rare pic of DH and I in the que for HM.


Great trip report so far! What a way to start your trip with a flat tire!


After HM our plan was start hitting the candy stops but the parade route was filling up fast. I wanted to do the 1st parade as we were getting up early the next day and I didn’t want to stay too late. So we staked out a spot in Frontierland. We had a few snacks and then my all time favorite parade started. Excuse some of the pics, I only use my iphone (which is a 4) and the flash isn’t working properly. I’m so ready for April so I can get a iPhone 6.


A few more


After a fabulous parade, I didn’t take pics of my favorite part which are the grave diggers, we started our candy hunt. Lines were long but they moved quickly. We had four full to the top bags of candy by time we were finished. The fireworks were spectacular as always. We headed out of MK around 10:15PM. Aidan was done, he was just exhausted. We didn’t do any of the special dance parties or character meets. We were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.


That is such a fun night! Thanks for the pictures!


It is a great night hanwill!

Friday, Oct. 31
We were up at 6AM to get ready, grab breakfast at Everything Pop and hit the bus stop. While eating breakfast Aidan did the twist with CMs in the middle of the food court. The kids loves to dance but I didn’t get a pic as he took off and ran after him leaving the phone at the table with DH. Our park of the day was DHS! Ropes dropped early (about 10 minutes early) and we headed for RNR. They had not opened the que as of yet so DH and DD waited for about 5 minutes before the line started moving. With in 15 minutes they were done with their “limo” ride and we were headed for TOT. We did have an FP+ for TOT but it wasn’t needed but we used it anyway and walked right on. Aidan was protesting but he rode this last year and said it was great. He went on anyway and said it was ok this time.


We still had some time to kill before our TSM FP+ so we headed to the Great Movie Ride. We stopped for what may be our last Sorcerer’s Hat photo. We waited maybe 5 minutes in the Great Movie Ride line. We got the gangster and she was by far the WORST actor we’ve ever had. She was terrible.