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We’ll like to go to WDW next 8/12-22/12.How cold is the weather? Some people told me that you have to wear sweater all day because is so cold.Another people say that the weather is so great, that they have to wear short pants.Which is the true?Please help me!!


If I knew the exact answer, Disney would be paying me the big bucks, but I don’t, and neither does anyone else, so I can tell you what I know.

We usually make our WDW trek the first two weeks of December. We have been in October and March as well, but most of the time December. We have been lucky with the weather on our trips. It has almost always been perfect weather, around 75 to 80 during the day, and about 60 at night. We usually bring a sweater for the kids to wear in the morning and at night. I always wear shorts, and bring sweatshirt if I get cold (or wet, which happens often). The weather is actually better in December than in October. It is a little warmer in October, but it rains most of the days. I think it has only rained once on us in December.

The one bad thing about December is that there is a possibility of it being cool. My Aunt was in Orlando in December, and the high was around 50 degrees for her whole trip. That is out of the ordinary though, and you should be fine.

One nice thing about December is that it is less crowded than other times of the year, and you still get to see the 100 Years of Magic stuff, and all of the Christmas stuff is going.

You can see historical averages for Orlando from December 13 to the 24 here:

Have a great trip. Early December is by far my most favorite time in Orlando.


You make my day!!
We’re so afraid.We are expecting to have a great first trip for the kids.
In your experience.Can you ride, on water attracions?

PS.Thank you so much for your quick answer.:stuck_out_tongue:


I have never had a problem riding on the Disney water rides when it is cool. You don’t really get very wet on any of them, except maybe Kali River Rapids, and you take your chances there. They don’t really offer any dry off places that have heat, but the restrooms nearby have air hand dryers, and they work well. I see a lot of people wearing those mickey panchos you buy at WDW, they seem to keep everyone dry, but I think that spoils the fun of the ride. I usually just pack along a sweatshirt that I can put on in case I get soaked or cold.

If you plan on going to Islands of Adventure while you are there, and it is cold, don’t go on any of the water rides. I went on all of them twice one day, and we walked around soaking wet all day. We never dried off, I might as well have gone swimming in all my clothes.

I am sure that you will love it. Make sure you go on the Backlot Tour at Disney-MGM after dark. I think that MGM is usually open until 7:00 PM, and it gets dark around 6:00. That is where you will be able to see all of the Christmas lights from the Osborne family. (There are millions of them. Trust me, it is worth the wait!)


THANKS AGAIN MICKEY!!!:stuck_out_tongue: