Weather and the parks


We will be on our first trip to DW Dec.2-8th. I am getting a little bit worried that the forecast shows 50% plus chances of rain almost every day. I am going to get rain ponchos for us. Any other suggestions? How do they handle the fireworks shows if it is raining? Are many of the areas for shows covered or inside vs completely open to the elements? Are there patterns to Orlando weather this time of year - ie rainy in the mornings and then clearing? I am just starting to panic a little bit! I don’t want our first real family vacation to be foiled by the weather! Thanks for suggestions!


Although I know that it can rain and stay rainy, I have also seen times where it’s rained just for a short bit of time… about 15 mins and then it’s done. I have found that quite a few of the attractions have the lines under something or going into a building. There are also a lot of great shows that are in the buildings so you’d be out of the rain then also. And when in doubt shop! :slight_smile: there’s always great shops and they are indoors also.

But honestly, I know some times in the year spring, summer, or dead of winter (I always found around 3pm) you’d get a down pour and then it stops. When we were there last time it was Jan/Feb and it rained a bit more but nothing that ruined anything. Also, WDW is a massive complex so it’s usually not raining everywhere at the same time. It’s a good idea to bring ponchos although they do sell them there. We always bring them but we never have really had to use them much at all.


they always have something for you to do if the weather misbehaves. I know last year when we were there the heavens opened and the lightening and thunder were going **** for leather when we were watched illuminations at Epcot. Loads of people stayed out to watch the show while others ran into the shops.
I don’t think Disney hold back when it comes to rain so much, I think that they just take extra precautions when it comes to thunder and lightening (esp with Parades and things). I did find out though last time I was there that Disney infact has it’s own weather radar system so they know when it is going to be bad and therefore can redirect you to other attractions if some are made to close temporarily due to adverse weather condtions.

I had found in all my years of going to Florida that we have had more disruptions on our days out due to weather at Universal and Seawrold. Disney seems to be so much more in control of things IMO.

Get your ponchos on and keep smiling!!!:laugh:


We’re travelling at the same time as you are and I agree the weather forecasts do look a bit dicey. However, we have been many times at this time of year and it’s always a mixed bag anyway. Sometimes it’s been hot and sunny (think shorts in the MK at 11:30 at night) and sometimes it’s been freezing cold (last year, hats/mitts/coats at DHS in the evening). Other times we’ve had a lot of rain. We just take what we get and keep to our plans. We head to the parks with our rain gear and just have fun. I figure we’ve paid a lot for our vacation so I’m not spending it sitting in my hotel room. I’ve heard that AK is great in the rain. Makes the animals more active. Epcot is also a good bet in the rain, lots of things to do indoors. If you have kids, tour the pavilions and have them do Kidcot. You can spend lots of time in The Seas and The Land. Also, if there’s a particular restaurant you want to try and don’t have a ressie, good time to try for a walk-up while a lot of people are holed up in their hotels. One thing about Disney, there’s always something to do, even in the rain. As long as it’s not raining too hard, or thundering in the area, fireworks, parades, etc., still go on. Just play it by ear, and go with flow. That way you will still have fun. Have a great vacation.


We have always had great weather in December when we go but not in February. No matter what it’s Disney and it will be great


I’ve seen Illuminations and Wishes in the rain.
However, I have also seen all evening shows cancelled because of major thunderstorms that just would not let up.
What is being forecast for next week is a quick cold front moving through from the north to be followed by plenty of clear days.
Get some ponchos or umbrellas and have extra dry socks and shoes ready, just in case.
This is December and temperatures can swing wildly between night and day, especially if it is clear overnight, which allows for extreme cooling until the sun warms everything up the next afternoon.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the predictions 10 days out are very tentative and will change as the picture refines and you are three days from any given day in the future.

From what it looks like, they are now predicting the front to move through late Tuesday (which is when we’re doing the Christmas party, maybe we should have chosen Sunday instead) and the front will then continue south and then move back up north by Thursday. It is entirely possible that Wednesday and Thursday will be on the nasty side, but things will be clearing by Friday. Beyond that, it is too early to tell. I really can’t anticipate 5 straight days of rain in December.
As for weather patterns themselves, this isn’t summer, so all rain is from cold fronts moving through. And cold fronts affect things on a nationwide scale. The difference is once we get to late fall and winter, those cold fronts have enough energy in back of them to push all the way down into the Gulf and down the peninsula, unlike summer.
So, what is bringing rain to Florida usually has already caused extreme cold and snows across the west, midwest and deep south.


Thanks for the responses! My main hesitation is that my husband HATES to travel and thinks vacations are a waste of money - so I have an uphill battle with him already!! Epcot is a great idea for the rainy days. I’ll pack ponchos and extra cloths and hope for the best. Thanks!


Long range weather forecast has already changed. From Dec. 2 isolated T-storms 83/64; Dec. 3 partly cloudy 73/58, Dec. 4 mostly cloudy 76/55, Dec. 5 Showers 75/56, Dec. 6 Sunny 78/61. Just shows how changeable it is. Forecast will change a dozen times between now and next week. Just pack a little of everything. We’ll be down there at the same time and I’ll take cloudy over rainy any day.


One thing we always remember to do is to bring a jacket or sweatshirt w/ us and put it in a locker if it is bright and sunny in the AM. THa way we can enjoy the night and not be cold if the temp drops.


He hates to travel? Well then leave him home and take the rest of us :laugh: I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that we’ll put up with a bit of rain! No complaints at all.


I second that motion! :laugh::laugh:


There is a major change in the extended weather picture for next week.
Rain chance and temps for the following days:
Nov 30 10% 77/58 Partly Cloudy
Dec 1 20% 77/64 Partly Cloudy
Dec 2 40% 81/61 Scattered T Storms
Dec 3 20% 68/53 Partly Cloudy
Dec 4 20% 67/55 Cloudy
Dec 5 30% 73/57 Few Showers
Dec 6 10% 76/60 Mostly Cloudy
Dec 7 60% 78/62 Scattered T Storms

As I said, the farther out you look, the more likely things will change.
As the early week firms up, things don’t look too bad until Wednesday now and I’d be pretty comfortable with that forecast.


Some of the best days we have had in the parks have been when it was really raining. We just put on our Tevas and ponchos and have a great time.

Just FYI Walmart has some pretty good ponchos for about $5 that come in a little vented pouch.

Have a great time…We have been there during every type of weather and always have a great time.