Weather apps used while in the parks


what weather apps do you use on your iphone ect while in the parks ?


I like the FOX35 Weather app. There are a couple of others as well that are decent if you do an app store search for Orlando Weather it will bring up several. As an amateur storm chaser I really like PYKL but it is a pay app. The others are free, at least for Android. It is nice to have a RADAR link so you know whether to break out the ponchos or if that storm cloud is going to head the other direction.


I haven’t used it yet, but The Weather Channel app has updated maps now. I just added Walt Disney World to it and it shows clouds approaching. The Disney Magic app gives temperature and clouds/sun but no maps.


The weather channel app is pretty good, I use it here at home and whenever we travel. I have found it to be much less buggy than the weather bug app.


I use the Weather Channel app too. It’s informed without being over complicated. I find the app that comes with the IPhone unreliable.


…me too…they wasted their
time including that weather app with the iPhone…


Weather Bug has served me everywhere I’ve gone.