Weather Channel/Disney World instant win game--win a trip for 12!


You can win a magical gathering trip for 12 to WDW. Here’s the link:


Thanks! I’m entering!


Thanks, bali! I just entered. I love any chance to win a WDW trip!


I entered too thanks so much for the tip!


Great! Thanks for that link bali! :wink:


thanks for the link. Just entered…but didn’t win yet. If I do I will notify you! HA HA! I mean I don’t have 12 people to take…I would be happy to share


Thanks For The Link!!!


Hey, I just won a pair of sunglasses!!! Now I will be groovin down the avenue!! Thanks for the link!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:


Thanks! I entered too! :mickey:


Thanks for the link - I just tried but no trip yet


Thanks for the link! I entered . . .

Wouldn’t it be the coolest if someone from DC actually did win!!! :smile: :mickey:


Thanks for the link, I would love to win that.


cool contest, but I didn’t win any Disney Prizes. Better luck tomorrow!
Thanks for the link!


Come on people!! Am I the only one to win a prize so far? Lets go, somebody get that big prize!! :happy:


Didn’t win today… maybe tomorrow! LOL


:wub: Isn’t it great there going to give me a trip for 12 and that’s how many family members we have :glare: Thanks for the link


I may not be reading the website correctly, but I THINK I just won Expedition Everest. (Now where am I going to put it?)


thanks for the link :cool:


If you can’t find a place give it to me, I’ll make room! :tongue:


I was just reading the Official rules of the contest and its pretty cool! The grand prize is worth $20.440. Then First place prize is a bunch of Disney jackets worth $150.00 And second place prize is the one I won a bunch of sunglasses at $75.00 a pair! There are towels, hats,mickey ears and quite a few more prizes also to be had ! :happy: