Weather chart


Does anyone know of a link where I can find what the typical weather is for Orlando by month? Years back I remember seeing in the beginning of a guide book a listing of months and what the average weather is and how much rain they usually get in that month. It was in a section where you decided which is the best “weather” month to visit WDW.

I’m asking b/c I recently read on this forum that June is a heavy rain month, I had never heard this before so I wanted to try to find out. :huh:


Scroll down on this AllEarsNet page and you’ll see the last two links are historical links!



I looked in my Disney Folder and I have a print out from their Web site—Itinery Guide-Weather that says:

June Average High: 91
Average Low:71
Average Rainfall 7.4 inches

This was from 2/18/02, so I will check their site and see if this info has changed :happy:


Thanks so much!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Although we are going in June of next year - due to DD being in school - it sure looks like the month of May is the time to go!!! :wub:


You can also go to and type in Orlando, then scroll down and click on Averages. It will give you the average highs/lows/rainfall by month for the entire year.


You probably have what you need by now, but I was looking for something on and I happened to find this, so I thought I’d post it for you. :slight_smile: