Weather for mid-September



I have never been to Florida. We are going to Disney Sept 12-16. What is the weather like during that time? Does it cool in the evenings at all? Should I worry about bringing pants? I will be traveling with a 3 yr old.

Also, I haven’t gotten any information whatsoever and it is 3 weeks from tomorrow. Should I follow-up on everything? I used Mousketrips…would I just call Keith or is there a different number?



Hi, and welcome to MB!

My advice on weather is that it is still very hot at that time. We’ve gone in September prior to this trip, and we’re leaving again in about 2 weeks. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about bringing pants. I actually just went out and bought myself some new tank tops to bring down. The weather is still in the high 80’s to 90’s during the day and the nights are usually a little cooler, in the mid to high 70’s. I don’t know where you’re from, but here in NY, that is still very warm to us!


Greetings from Florida and welcome to the sunshine state!!!

My question for you is, where are you from and what kind of weather are you accustomed to?

I really dislike the “what is Florida weather like” questions, because they are almost impossible to answer. As I always say, “Florida is the only place you can watch three different weather forecasts and they all can be wrong.” Currently, outside my window it is sunny, about 90 degrees, very bright with not many clouds. I have no clue why I am at the computer and not the pool or beach!

Truth is September is still hurricane season and part of our rainy season. Which means our weather can change rather quickly. September is still a very hot month. But, if there is any tropical activity it can be very rainy, dark and humid. Overall, the average Sept day at Disney is going to run you about 90 degrees with not much wind in the parks and about 50% humidity during the day. Later on it may get as low as mid to low 80’s in the evenings. If we get a cold front dropping through we may see mid-80’s in the day.

Plan for it to be very warm in September. Depending on where you are from, more than likely you’ll never need pants. You’ll probably want to wear lots of light colors, comfy shoes and as light of clothing as possible. Even if it does rain, and the weather cools off a bit… During the day the humidity will be worse than the actual temperature. So, I’d say dress light, bring a pair of pants in case you do a dinner or a restaurant that calls for them. But, more than likely, it’ll be warm here.

My best advice is to pack for it to be warm. Keep an eye on and the ten day forecasts starting a week or so before your trip and feel things out for yourself.


I think the previous is good advice. The weather is very hard to predict in that area, except for the afternoon showers, atleast they were very predictable.


We went last year at the end of August and it was BRUTALLY hot…and I live in the south. The temperature was only in the mid 80’s, but the humidity was killer. We were drenched the minute we walked outside of our hotel room.

We brought little battery operated fans and they were LIFESAVERS. We found them at Walmart for $1 - they sell them in the parks for $7/8. Bring extra batteries with you. I also saw these little fans at “Party City.”
They also sell fans attached to a spray bottles at walmart for around $4 and they are $25 each at the parks.

I also recommend bringing extra shirts or plan on doing laundry. We came back to the hotel during the afternoons and were drenched with sweat.

Even with the intense heat, we had a fantastic time!!! We’re going back next week and I can’t wait!!

Have a great trip!


Wow, I didn’t realize the spray bottle fans were that much now! I haven’t bought one in a while, but had planned on getting some this trip! Now I’ll have to check out Walmart too!


I can promise you this. We’ll be there from September 14-22 and you won’t find any pants in my suitcase.

Uh oh… that didn’t sound right. I meant, no long pants. :laugh:


welcome to mousebuzz cleocat!! thanks for the tip on buying the fans before you get there! i got my girls princess battery fans at walmart (they were a couple of bucks each) - i may look for one of the spray fans too.

i am anticipating HOT - and packing shorts, capris, skirts for us. well…no skirt for DH, but…anyway - i also had to remember from last trip that even though i love the color black, it’s not such a good idea to wear it on a hot day in the sun!!


Durning this time we pack one pair of jeans and the rest are shorts. we also bring a windbreaker for the nights just in case and I use mine when it rains.


Everyone’s thinking it, I’m just saying it… Pirates! You’re right though, pants in spring-fall aren’t really a necessity when traveling to Fl. Unless you are doing a dinner or have an occasion that calls for them, better off not packing them or having one pair just in case.


We’ve been there twice in September, and have never had to put long pants on. In fact, the kids would swim every night, so an indication that it’s still warm at night.
I would recommend to purchase of Disney wash cloth. They are cute, different character pictures in a shrink wrap. Have 3 yr old pick out, then find a water fountain (the white boxed ones have real cold water), get the wash cloth wet and then put around child’s neck. It’s fun for them, but helps to keep them cool!


Thanks for the info! I’m from upstate NY, near Albany so I am sure I it will feel brutal for me!

I’ve just started keeping my eye on We will be there from Sept 12-16. Has anyone heard of any hurricanes on the horizon? I am a little worried (our luck has not been good in 2007!!!)!!!


DH just told me today high in the low 90s . like 91, 92 during the day and low 70s at night. we will be there the 9 through the 15th. no hurricanes predicted for us so far. . I ahve been praying alot.:eek:


I’m in South Florida . . . and TONIGHT we floridians WORE PANTS!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

We had this weird rain storm pass through and it went from 90 to 71 in less then an hour . . . so it felt a “little chilly” to us!!!

Being an “Jersey” girl, it always shocks me when I think that 71 is “chilly” :laugh: :laugh: September last year we had beautiful weather . . . and at night without the blazing sun it can get a little cool . . . maybe not for adults, but I would stick a little hoodie in the backpack for the younger folk! :happy: :happy:


Hey Iffer…Welcome!

We’re from Troy ourselves. Nice to have you aboard.


Thanks bosoxx…I have been reading this forum since March when the planning began. I have learned so much. Haven’t had alot to offer yet as this is our first trip. I’m sure I will have lots to share when we return.

We are actually from Poestenkill (right outside of Troy) but if I say that up front people usually don’t have a clue!