Weather in August


My family and I are going to Disney at the end of August and I was wondering just how hot it is there in August.


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It’s VERY hot (mid 90s) and humid in August. Also expect some rain every day.


I agree with D. Teacher. We were there in August and it was HOT! It did rain everyday BUT it was one downpour that lasted 5 - 15 minutes and it was fine the rest of the day. Also it rained between 2 and 4 pm.

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EXTREMELY hot and humid! The rain does help cool things off a bit…so don a poncho and keep on going! :laugh:

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Hot, Hot, hot! And oh so humid.
Plan on a break midday for a refreshing swim, to keep your sanity! lol


HI, just wanted to say welcome.

We’ll be down there at the end of August also. Looking forward to the HOT weather!


I was looking forward to it, too! Afterall, it’s practically just as hot here in New York and I’d MUCH rather be hotter than heck while at WDW! :laugh:


I’ve been the last 3 years at the end of August and it is definitely hot but generally not as terrible as I expected. Just be sure to take plenty of breaks inside and drink lots of water. And when you start to hit that hot, tired wall, take a break! Last year my roommates and I were out of the resort for 15 hours on one day and it was so hot that by the end of the day we were cranky and miserable. We would have been fine if we took a break.


We were there last August, and I agree, it was hot and humid, but its hot and humid here in August too. Take advantage of the extra magic hours in the mornings and evenings if you can, and plan on taking breaks. We like to have a lunch scheduled everyday, or a late breakfast, so we are assured of an air conditioned break. :slight_smile:

Also, we go back to our room for the better portion of the afternoon.

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I know its been said but HOT, HOT, HOT & HUMID! You need lots of water, & A/C breaks


Welcome to MB. It is very very very hot and humid. Plan on purchasing some spray water bottle fans. They make a big difference.


Oh definitely! We love ours. We fill them with ice and water. They are great.


It’s Hotter than Hot; but I’ll be there again at the end of August this year with DH. Plan on drinking lots of water, taking breaks and if you can fit it in, enjoy the waterparks…they’re AWESOME!! Have a great time on your trip.


Hazey Hot and Humid!


Welcome to mousebuzz! This will be there second year that I am going to WDW the last week of august. It’s hot…no doubt, but you can manage it if you tour smartly. I go to the parks in the early mornings, take a break around lunch and go back out around dinner when it cools down a bit. Keep hydrated with tons of water and stay out of the heat between 1 and 4pm…it’s nasty then.


It will be very hot and very humid. I was there last August and the rain was sort of hit and miss. We were extremely lucky in that out of our 10 day stay it only rained on 3 of those days. But what the hey…you’re in Disney!!


Thank you all for the advice. August wasn’t really the time we wanted to go, it just worked out that way. We have already called ahead and signed up for all of our meals and we will be in air conditioning for lunch, so hopefully that will be ok. We already have water spray fan bottles.Can’t wait to go


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I’ve never been to WDW in August. The heat kind of scares us away from that time of the year. But if it came down to going in August or not being able to go at all . . . well, that’s a no-brainer. I’d be there in a heartbeat!!


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We were in WDW last August and as everyone has already told you ~ it is HOT!

Just to add to the advice already given, spend some afternoons at the pools or waterparks if you can. But don’t forget you sunscreen! I got a bit of sunburn:fork_off: ouch while hanging out at the pool last year. I didn’t realize how much until later that night!:eek:

It is manageable if you take regular breaks in the air conditioning and drink lots of water.

You will have a great time no matter how hot, I’m sure of that!:happy:


Welcome to mousebuzz-this place is very addictive and filled with as much information about disney your heart and hands can hold.

My family and I are going to WDW in July into August. I know it will be hot and humid and rain every afternoon so I allready bought ponchos (found them at the dollar store) so I won’t have to spend a fortune in WDW for one.