Weather in February



Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in February. Is it dry and warm? Can you swim in the outdoor pools or are they heated? This will be my first visit to Disney.



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We went last Feb. We left New England and it was in the 50’s.We landed in Orlando at 8pm and it was freezing. It was 38 degrees that night. It did warm up to the high 70’s during the day 48-50’s at night. My kids did swim one day.This was during Presidents week. I am not a heat person so it was fine with me.I guess it can change year to year though.


It depends. Yes, you can have awesome weather in February, to swim in the outdoor pools (all are heated) or you can have chilly days. A lot depends on what time of the month you go, too.

But, the nights are usually pretty chilly. Sweatshirt and pants, sometimes even gloves and hats. We’ve been down in Feb when it actually spit snow and we looked forward to the hot chocolate on Main Street, USA.

We are going early Feb 2008 and I am packing a lot of CAPRIs and tshirts with long pants and sweatshirts. But, of course, will bring my bathing suit!


It can go both ways. We have wore jackets and gloves and we have wore shorts and a t-shirts, in the same week. :laugh:

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February is hit or miss. The weather can be a little chilly in the mornings and evenings making you need a light jacket, but the days can be very mild and a Tshirt will be ok. I have gone the last week of January throug the first few days of february and have always packed clothes that you can layer…sweatshirt over a T-shirt kinda thing and always wore long pants. I would bring at least three pairs of shorts just in case…the weather is so tricky that time of year.


I went this last February for my birthday and it was so cold we bought hats ( I bought gloves from walmart before I came up and had a shirt sweatshirt and jacket on … I have a picture with a couple of people I met there let me see if I can find it and post it (one of them is Laurengold and she can attest coming from Mass how cold it was ) …


here is the picture of me in full warm gear I am on the far right


I always go in February. Most of the time it was always cold at night and morning and starts to really warm up arround 10-11am. After that we are usually good until 9pm. It’s also low on rainfall( I don’t know what the stats are so I could of just been lucky). I always get to spend a few days in the water park and get a sunburn.

So basically pack for hot and cold. It could also depends on the weather you are used to at home.


The weather at night will definitely be cool so bring jackets or sweatshirts


Be prepared for all types of weather. In the same week you can have a high in the eighties and a few days later the high could be in the upper fifties.

You should keep an eye on the extended forecast before you leave and pack accordingly. Bring plenty of layers. I would pack the swimsuits just in case you have a warm afternoon.