Weather in January?


YAY!! We’re going to WDW again! There’s just one little hitch…we’re not going this coming January, but the year after. That’s almost the only time every one is out of school, off of work (three of us work for the school district), or not already traveling somewhere. So can you tell me what the weather is like. There still might be time for us to change to somewhere around spring-break of next year if its bad.


The weather in January is PERFECT. Cool during the day, cooler at night!


I always like it in January. A little chilly at night, but if you bring a jacket or sweatshirt, you should be fine.


Be ready for anything!
Temps can be as low as 40 and as high as 85.


This year january was really cold! We went mlk weekend. My little ones were bundled up in their coats. It was a nice break though since I seem to pick the hottest times to go. Last year we went in march for my oldests birthday and the weather was perfect! We went this year valentines day weekend and we were in pants and t shirts. But I’ve also seen january be hot too so yeah…


As Soundgod said. It is really hit and miss. One year one week could be in the 30’s (or below) and the next year the same week can be in the 70s (or even warmer). There is really no way to predict until you 4-7 days out from your actual trip. If you have heart set for warm temperatures go in the spring time.


weather is nice around January. We had a couple of nippy days but nothing in comparrison to what it is like at home in january so we had no complaints. Queues are great too.


January has a real variety of weather. When we arrived last year, I had to buy a heavy jacket for the first two days. Then it progressively warmed up until it was shorts and shirt weather and people were swimming in the pools.


January is seriously hit or miss weather-wise. I have gone twice in January, same exact week, and the weather was completely different each time. I found that dressing in layers works best for that time of year. It may start off cold in the morning, but warm up to Tshirt weather by 1pm…seriously hit or miss weather, but PERFECT time for touring. Do go the third or last week.