Weather in May?


Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone could tell me about the weather in early to mid may? We are considering a trip in 2013 and may works best for us but we are concerned it will be WAY to hot as we are from Ontario. What do you think?


The heat is not so bad, the humidity will really surprise you.

The first year I went was in May and I spent almost the entire trip in the Dolphin doing presentations to drunk senior managers, sigh. However on the last day two of us slipped away and hit the parks in the rain. It was great I don’t think we waited for anything, and once you are soaked it doesn’t matter anymore how much it is raining ( It’s a warm rain! )

The next year we had a lot more time to ourselves and it was HOT, CROWDED, and HUMID. That was the trip that made me realize that one of my dreams, working at WDW, would never come to pass.



[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1108629]The first year I went was in May and I spent almost the entire trip in the Dolphin doing presentations to drunk senior managers, sigh.

My next door neighbor is computer program trainer. She subcontracted with a company to train execs at Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis. One contract stipulation was beer would not be served before 3pm. Starting at 3pm, they would bring out cases of beer. She basically gave up on accomplishing anything after that time each day.

Expect lots of rain and high humidity.


May is the best time to go. I have been in May for the last few years. I have been in early May and mid May. All times have been the most beautiful weather. It is warm, sometimes nicely breezy and the humidity has not kicked in yet. the nights are perfect. I would give my vote to May!


But you LIVE in Florida:laugh:, what do you consider hot and humid. For us midwesterners, anything over 85 is getting hot, and anything over about 50% is humid!



If you’re from the Toronto area you should be able to handle the humidity! May is a beautiful month to visit WDW. Hot enough to do the waterparks, yet not the strength-sapping heat of the summer.


We’ve gone several times during mid-May and the weather has always been very nice. Starting to get a bit warm, upper 80s, and the usual once per day rain shower(or more). But not the dripping, stagnant heat of the summer.


The weather in May is peeeerrfect!! We have taken three trips in May and absolutely love the weather, lots of sunshine, moderate temps in the 80’s and low humidity. We have only had a very brief shower during one of our trips. May is my favorite month to go.


The one year that I went in mid May it rained and rained and rained. Which at first was really nice because the parks cleared out pretty quickly. But by the 3rd and 4th day of lots and lots of rain the parks were back to normal. Everyone realized that they had to make the most of their trip. We ended up seeing 3 movies at the theater at Downtown Disney that week.

Still had a great trip and would do it all again in the rain if I had to…

This year we are going the 1st week of June and hoping we don’t die from the heat.


…I don’t think you can really predict how the weather will be…only go by the averages…

We have been over the holidays when it warm warm and beautiful but we have also been at that time when it was 29 degrees in the evening and 40 during the day! We have been in July when it was roasting…but then have been in July when it was in the 70s…I think you just have to plan for the worse and hope for the best…

We can only go between my daughters work schedule now…so August it is…hopefully it won’t be too bad the whole week but…we will deal with it by planning ahead…:slight_smile:


May is a great month for northerns. It can get a little hot and humid durning the day but the mornings and evenings are ver comfortable. It is also still technically the dry season so not as much rain chance as June July August September.

Mid may is lovebug season so if you plan on driving down plan on getting your car washed a couple times.


May is a great time to go. We have had one trip where rain was an issue. It can be depressing when the forecast for your whole trip is doom and gloom but for the most part the month of May is OK with warm temperatures with a hint of humidity. Try to avoid the weeks around Memorial Day. Crowds are fairly low but they tend to shoot up a bit around the holiday.


Right this minute I would call it PERFECT1. Its been hot and breezy with relatively low humidity. Crowd levels have been higher than what I expected however.


From my past 8 years of working here, May is almost ALWAYS a dry month. Couple days of rain here and there. Starts to get very humid though, and also temps can get to the mid-90s, and thats not with a heat index. In preparation for the wet month that is June lol


Rowdy…we’ve been to WDW in the month of July twice and never had more than a spit of rain each trip…what’s it like in August…other than hot! We can handle hot…we just keep hydrated and go in and out of the cool buildings…I’m just wondering about rain.


Generally, there’s a chance for rain every day. Between noon and 3pm. But only for about 20 minutes. Very steamy afterwards. And yes, very HOT.


Thanks Rowdy. A short shower won’t bother us at all! I think it’s better to be hot hot than freezing freezing like it has been the past few times we went over New Years! :laugh:


“To the Batpool, Robin!”


The first time I ever went to Disney was in May and it was actually cool. I am from NE and found laying out in the sun cool. I think this was a fluke but you just never know. It definitely has to be better than July or August.