Weather in October?


We are going last week of October. What should we expect rain, hot, cold. Can we do water parks?


Weather the last week of October is still very warm, but not unbearable or disgustingly hot. It’s definitely warm enough for water parks and the rain is not as frequent as the summer and September. It’s one of my favorite times of the year at Disney.


Ok great then we should really enjoy as in the past we usually go in august Omg it is so humid and hot.


We were there at that exact time last year and the weather was lovely - in ten days we only had one day of rain (a torrential downpour on the night we went to MNSSHP:glare:) I’d say the daytime temps were in the 80’s.


october is one of the best times of year to go to disney! weather is in the
80s during the day, 60s at night. Crowd levels are great (though heavier right around Halloween).

It is good for waterparks, though it can be chilly in the mornings.



Good to know! Thanks guys!


That’d be a record high in Canada for October! (Seriously. That wasn’t a Canada joke.)


October is our favorite time to go but with kids in upper grades we’ve had to move to the summer months for a few more years. For the most part it is high 60’s at night, low 80’s during the day BUT pack at least 1 cool weather outfit just in case.

In 09 there were a couple of days where the high’s never got out of the 60’s, one day the HIGH was 63, but by the end of the week it was pushing 90 and we were sweating. In 01 or 03 while in MK we had to go buy sweatshirts because as the sun dropped the temps did too to the low 50’s/high 40’s.
Other trips have been shorts an T’s all week with minimal to No rain which was great since it enabled us to do BB, TL, (and River Country rip before we made it). Our dates usually ranged Oct 15th-24th.


Seriously, you’re right.


I love WDW in October! We were there last year right before Halloween and it was perfect weather wise. It was warm enough for swimming.


I’m another MBer that LOVES October/early November. Weather is just right!


By the end of October, most of the threat of tropical storms has passed, as has the daily mid 90’s temps and afternoon showers.
Yet, it can still rain and it can also become unseasonably cold if the first cold front of the season has enough energy in back of it to make it to Florida.
Usually it’s mid 80’s/low 70’s-upper 60’s.
Rain is driven by external weather (fronts and slop blowing in from the ocean) more than the heat engine of the Florida swamps.
Have a light jacket just in case.


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1116979] In 01 or 03 while in MK we had to go buy sweatshirts because as the sun dropped the temps did too to the low 50’s/high 40’s.

That sounds more like 2005, the day after Wilma. Temps fell from the mid 80’s to the mid 40’s and EVERYONE was buying heavy jackets at the Emporium.
I think the other cold October was 2000. I know I was at Universal and staying at the Portofino, with the World Series being played, and it was cold enough that I had to buy a sweatshirt.

The other years look pretty normal.