Weather Report


Just checked the 5 day forcast for orlando and it shows thunder storms across the board for the next 4-5 days. :ohmy: Each the day the chance for precipitation gets lower but what does that mean for me? It’e been a while since I ave been down there in the summer, are these passing storms? Could be raining all day? Foe example I live in NY and today they called for thunder showers, it was only a breif thing that passed this evening rather quickly where I was.
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High /
Low (°F) Precip. %
Aug 25 Scattered T-Storms 89°/76° 40 %
Aug 26 Scattered T-Storms 88°/77° 40 %
Aug 27 Scattered T-Storms 90°/77° 40 %
Aug 28 Scattered T-Storms 92°/77° 40 %
Aug 29 Isolated T-Storms 92°/77° 30 %
Aug 30 Isolated T-Storms 92°/77° 30 %
Aug 31 Isolated T-Storms 90°/76° 30 %
Sep 01 Scattered T-Storms 90°/76° 60 %
Sep 02 Isolated T-Storms 91°/76° 30 %
Last Updated Aug 25 12:04 a.m. ET

Any help would greatly put my mind at ease. Not that I mind the rain, it keeps the lines down. Ill be sure to pack a pancho.


I am not an expert but I have been to WDW in August (8 days) and it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY. BUT it was a passing storm and nothing that messed up our trip. I was told that it was common this time of year for FL to get rain A LOT! I would not worry about it!

Have fun!

Lisa :mickey:


Yes, it does pretty much rain every day here. Generally though it’s a heavy rainstorm between the hours of 2-4pm and then it moves on and the skies clear. So just expect it to rain and be prepared to basically get soaked if caught unprepared at the parks. I suggest sandals/flipflops because a lot of water builds up on the ground and there is nothing worse than wet socks and sneakers at a theme park.


Pefect, thats what I had assumed. Ill be sure to wear flip flops and keep my disney pancho in my pocket.


I would love to trade that rain for my Pacific NW rain that lasts all day… :pinch:


Yup…those are the hours I plan my nap! LOL…Seriously I do.


We always go to WDW in the summer and plan on seeing some rain every afternoon. Most of the time the showers or thunderstorm lasts less than an hour and it clears off again. We usually take a short afternoon break and that keeps us out of the showers most days. If we are caught in the parks we take in a long show or do a little shopping during the worst of the rain.