Hello Guys Its Magicridge again :pinch:
I was watching weather channel another day and saw that the strom was passing through the Orlando area. :crying:
So, what if strom or hurricane comes when I am in the WDW? :eek:
Do they just close the park all together? :huh:
Will I get my money back if that happens? :huh:
What do they do??
I just hope I will get perfect weather…


Thunderstorms are like puking children, inconvenient but expected.

Many/most/enough attractions continue rain or shine. Thunderstorms, especially in the summer are som WDW common they track the storm and can, for example, shut down waterslides at BB for 15 minutes while determining the storm will go around TL entirely.

PS: I much prefer a small umbrella to putting on and taking off a poncho…


Closing the parks depends on the weather situation. Most likely, “normal” Florida thunderstorms that generally pass through nearly every afternoon on an average summer day will not close the four main parks, but can possibly interupt the operation of attractions such as “Splash Mountain,” etc… If there is lightning and thunder within a certain amount of miles from WDW they DO clear all of the waters in Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

I am not sure that this is a “written in stone” rule, but I am nearly positive that when there are “tropical storm” warnings for the area they WILL close the parks until the storm passes. I was staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in 2001 during a Tropical Storm that was on the verge of hurricane strength and, naturally, they closed the parks. They had “informational” sheets delivered to all rooms with updates on the situation and when parks would re-open. From what I remember they had closed the parks around noon and we just hung out around the hotel and in our room. I am pretty sure the parks were full opening the next morning b/c the storm had turned away from the Orlando area and the property did not receive much damage.

As far as hurricanes go, well I would just assume that if a “hurricane watch” or “hurricane warning” was issued for the county they would close the parks with enough time to prepare.

As far as I know, you won’t get anything back from WDW really. I 100% suggest getting a travel insurance policy that covers any loss concerns you might have, ESPECIALLY when travelling between June and early October. We go to WDW the last week of August and almost EVERY time we’ve gone we’ve nearly missed a storm by days.


We were at WDW during Wilma last year. They kept everything up and running the night before. On Monday, they kept everything buttoned down and encouraged guests to remain at the hotels. They have staffing plans too. Wilma left in a hurry and they were able to open Epcot and the Magic Kingdom (I think I remember) after the storm passed. I can think of worse places to spend a hurricane than the Poly.


I was there for Wilma too. That evening we were at MGM waiting for Fantasmic when it started. They took us all back to our resorts as quickly as possible.

When we got to our room we had a message on our telephone telling us what was going to happen and what they wanted us to do - for example stay in your room :laugh: . They contacted us a total of three or four times during the storm to give us updated information.

They had food available at the food courts but a limited menu (you still had to pay for it of course). The next morning they brought in the charcters and had coloring pages and crayons, etc. for the children.

After the storm had passed they opened two of the four parks for resort guests only and brought in busses to take us to the parks. There was limited things available at the parks as not all of the CM’s made it to the parks for work.

I found it amazing to see Disney in action and I felt very safe. There was no refund or anything of any sorts, after all it was mother nature and not much Disney can do about that, even as good as they are!


I’m pretty sure that if you purchase the vacation insurance they offer, you’d be reimbursed through that.

But, Disney doesn’t reimburse.

They really have suprisingly LITTLE downtime, considering, though…


As you’ve just seen, T.S. Albert just came through and brought on the storms BIG TIME!!! But we were open for business. Now a major storm like a hurricane could very well close the parks, but it’ll have to pack quite a punch for that to happen. I’ve been through many during my 2 years here, and expect to see many more. Bring em on!