Just checked for my trip Sunday hi of 58 ! ! ! ! ! It was warmer then that here a couple of weeks ago, lol. And of course the day I leave it is back up to 80. Still it is supposed to be single digits here with a wind chill dipping into the -20s.

See ya real soon…


Yeah, it’s not supposed to be very nice in central FL for the next few days. It stinks that you will have to pack lots of different clothes because of the drastic change in temps. I hope you have an amazing time though.


Have a great time!!!


Have a great time Harry. Remember, if you don’t like the weather in orlando, just wait a minute…that’s how fast it can change…lol


That is so true!


Thanks all, it will definitly be better then Chicago weather.

I just got an IM from my DW and DD who are on their girl’s trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. They say the weather is great and the resort is increadable. I wanted them to have a nice time, but not too nice. I want to be able to talk them into goin back to WDW with me next year, lol.


Have a great trip! I forget are you staying at CSR?


Have a great trip Harry! :happy: I gotta be honest, I would take a high of 58 any day…it’s been nothing but the 20’s and 30’s here for a few weeks. :dry: So I am DEFINITELY looking forward to Orlando in just over 16 days!