I am in the middle of planning a trip to Disney and deciding when the best time to go. Each time I check the weather, it says “Isolated thunder showers” Is there any chance of sun or is it all rain and clouds all day?


This is FL! One minute sunny, one minute torrential down pours!

BUT rainy season is May - October so there is a better chance of the afternoon TS everyday during this time.

If you want ideal weather Jan/Feb/Mar tends to be less rain, less heat! OH, and less crowds at WDW! :mickey:


What she said.


Mickeysgirlz is dead on…if at all possible, go in January, February or March! You’ll walk on every attraction with little to no wait…and it won’t be hot, but it’ll be warm enough that you can wear shorts and bring a windbreaker or something if you need it at night. I think this is ::perfect:: Disney weather time. By far my favorite time of year to go.

Happy planning!