So far they are calling for scattered t storms in Orlando for the first 3 days of my vacation!!! I’m not happy


I wouldn’t worry about it too much! They called for rain every day during our last trip, and it only rained 1 time the entire week.

Also, when it does rain, it doesn’t seem to last very long.

Hope you have a great trip, and the rain stays AWAY!!!


We had a ton of rain for the last few days of our trip. You’d think that would have taken some of the fun out of it, but it actually made it more memorable. We picked up the WDW ponchos and a couple of umbrellas and had a blast with all the other Ponchoed, Umbrella’d folks!


We just got back on 09/19 and the 10 days (prior) called for 20,20, 0, 20 & 40 percent chance of scattered showers. It rained for 3 minutes the day we left just outside of Orlando. No rain, morning, noon or night the entire trip. Hopefully you’ll experience the same.

Have fun.


Same here. 5 straight days of random showers during our trip. Never bothers us. We pack some ponchos we picked up at Wal*Mart just in case.

2 years ago we got caught in a huge downpour on our way to a ressie at Le Cellier. It was actually kind of refreshing. It rained like the dickens for 5 minutes then poof it cleared up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. That was the last drop that fell the rest of the week.

But everyday we woke up there was a chance of showers. 1% is a chance, so i wouldn’t sweat it. :laugh:


LOL That is every day in Florida.


My daughter and I had a blast at MK in torrential downpours. We got on a lot of rides that way too as no one wanted to go from one place to the next!


Hey, scattered is better then all day rain predictions. Plus the weather changes everyday, you still have a little less than a week to go. Things may change.

Rain is a lot of fun, especially when it is HOT!!!


Last year it was the same way…once it started to rain in epcot…we ran onto Spaceship Earth and by the time we got off the ground wasn’t even wet! Strange FLA weather!!!


Well, I have only been 2 times, and it has never rained! lol If it did, it was over night!


Yeah, don’t sweat it. It looks like it is going to be great weather while we are both there! Just little showers here and there. The only time it rained constantly during one of our trips was the end of February/beginning of March 2003. It poured and poured and we both swore we would not take a trip during that time again!
Have a great time and maybe we will see each other there because we are staying at Pop too!


I have to agree one of the most memorable days we had at WDW was the day we spent at HS in the pouring rain. We just wore our ponchos and our flip flops and splashed throughout the park. DDs thought it was the greatest thing ever! And to top it off they didn’t even want a stroller because they were having too much fun hopping in the puddles…That saved us some $$$ that day : )


It’s Florida!! It won’t rain the whole time. Even if it does rain, it will still be fun! I promise!


I 2nd what everyone else has allready stated… It’s Florida and scattered showers are just that scattered… We have been there where it was raining at AK but nothing at the MK… Florida does have weird weather… I wouldnt worry about the weather at all, hey just think you are in disney and thats the best place to be even if it is raining…:slight_smile:


A rainy day in WDW is still better than a sunny day at home.


I’m also looking at those numbers. For next week the percentage is between 30 and 50 for thunderstorms all week. What happens with water parks? How quickly do they close? Just for lightening or any kind of rain? I told my DS not to add the waterpark add on to the tickets until he gets here. Hate to spend 110 bucks and not be able to go to the water parks.


Dont forget you would also have DisneyQuest on there. Its $40 a pop if its not added to your ticket!!!