Web video of "Makin Memories" preshow @ Epcot


Just browsing the web, caught Captain Eo and Soarin. My wife and I were talking about a preshow which I think was the preshow to Captain Eo. It was either Captain Eo or the original Journey Into Imagination, but I think it was the preshow to Captain Eo. Anyway, does anyone know where to find it on the web??? I think it was called, Makin Memories.


I state the obvious, have you tried You Tube?
A Google search turns up this link:

Magic Journeys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I did. I tried a bunch of them including Hulu, but came up empty. It was fun watching Body Wars and Captain Eo though. Brought back great memories.


Frank, the funniest thing, if you think this is funny, was that two of the top search links I came up with using Google were links to this thread.
I figured you’d tried You Tube, but I felt compelled to suggest it anyway, just in case.
I wouldn’t expect Hulu to have it though.
You might, and this is a very slim might, have some luck with Visions Fantastic.



Thanks. I’ll definitely give that a look see today.