Does anyone know of any good webcams for either the parks or any of the resorts? I thought it might be cool to check in every once in a while…also might be useful to check crowd levels.


Google Earth now has Disney parks. I found that through the Disney site - I tried it but I am not very patient and it had to load and focus and blah blah lol. I can’t wait 2 minutes!


I don’t think the Disney site has webcams anymore. I haven’t checked the site recently but I believe they took them down. I really wish they did have webcams in all the parks. I would visit that site everyday.


Yes, I stopped watching them several years ago, but they eventually stopped updating so I stopped. Haven’t heard anything about them recently anywhere on the web, so I bet they have been removed.

The google earth thing isn’t live, like webcams can be.


copcarguy – there now is only one live webcam, and it is from the top of the Swolphin, overlooking the Yacht Club/Beach Club toward Epcot. Here is the link:


There is another webcam shot of Main Street, but it is not live – it was recorded long ago and they just loop it. But it is still fun to watch:

WDWLIVE Walt Disney World Web Cam


The Google Earth shot is just a still photo from a long time ago. Why is that site so out of date? The pic of my house has my old car in the driveway!


I will check out the swolphin cam.

Too bad they have not gone this route as I am sure tons of folks would want to check crowd levels or even live shots of the pools at the resorts. I know I love checking on the webcams of the harbor at Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas (our other favorite haunt).


If you think that’s funny, my car is in two places at once. Parked in my driveway here at the house we moved to 4 days after Katrina ran over South Florida and also in my parking space at the condo we lived in, the day Katrina ran over South Florida!:laugh: Of course, the pic of the new house was from a few weeks after Wilma and the condo pic was from some time in February of 2005.


ROFL! :laugh::laugh::laugh: