Webcast a bust?


Anybody manage to get on? Looks like another SNAFU…

I had min dl speed of 1.3 meg top almost 3 meg and I never was able to sign in for the webcast.


I just finished watching it. Signed on about 9 minutes before the start. It was great with lots of good info. They covered the new Fantasyland area, different celebrations, and then ended with deals with DVC if you added on points. Free cruises and such. It wasn’t too long, 37 minutes to be exact, so was fun to watch.


I was going to sign up but didn’t do it in the end, now I wish I had because it sounds interesting. I really didn’t think it was anything more than a DVC commercial but it sounds like there is more to it.


Yes, they were saying what type of restuarants were going into Fantasyland expansion. I’m all excited about Gustan’s (sp?) pub from Beauty and the Beast. Looking forward to that!


what else? do tell, please!!!


I havent watched it yet. I picked 830pm as my time… So Im still excited to watch it. Does anyone know what free litho we get? Just wondering!


They talked about how each Princess will have it’s own area. Now bear with me because I have boys so usually not focused on princesses, but if my memory is correct, Princess Aurora will be celebrating her sweet 16 birthday with other princesses, and we get to participate, and then something about being able to dance with Cinderella in her cottage. They mentioned three restuarants in one castle, and you get to choose where you want to eat. They are looking for it to be complete in fall, 2012, although mentioning “an Imagineer’s work is never done.” So, wondering if that was a hint that more is coming! Feel free anyone to correct me if I got anything wrong (enjoyed a glass of wine while I was watching!!!)


Oh no! I totally forgot about it! :sad:


I hope all the changes are all about getting more princesses in. WDW is already heavy on the princesses and the boys just get a few things here and there.


I keep forgetting about these web casts. I hope to remember next time. Sounds interesting.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1025273]Anybody manage to get on? Looks like another SNAFU…

I had min dl speed of 1.3 meg top almost 3 meg and I never was able to sign in for the webcast.[/QUOTE]

I could only get to the main page with the split screen and under the picture it says that video will load automatically and that is all. I checked my computer prior and met all the requirements. I have no idea what is wrong, but Im not happy. I really wanted to watch it…


I missed it, I had a migraine and was asleep!:pirate:


I have a to wait until Thursday. They have sent me a few emails and a postcard…so I don’t forget.


Took me 40 min and a million attempts to get in. Started working at 7:30.


I had the same problem and was unable to watch, Thanks for the post at least now I know it was not just at my end. Likewise I tested my connection before and it was fine.


I am registered for the webcast tomorrow night at 8:30pm

For those of you DVC members who have the link to the site to login and watch the webcast, I think you can register for tomorrow night or the one on Saturday morning as well.

I think they provide different dates/times so that if people forget, they have other opps to watch it.

The last one they did a few months ago I signed up for all 3 shows, but since we were in the middle of packing /moving I missed out on them all

But see if you can still sign up for the next shows


Amen sistah!!!

What about the BOYS? 49 percent of the population, people! :laugh:


I am a member, and this is the first I have heard of the webcast. What is up? I’d like to be included.


It’s for people to want to buy into DVC. I have seen a webcast a year or so ago. They sent a box with goodies a week before the cast. There were mickey ears and a cool folder type thing. I still have all that, except for the ears. I gave them to a neighbor.

My “appointment” is tomorrow night at 7 PM. I almost forgot about it. Thanks for posting.


You have to be one of the COOL people to get the link. :laugh:

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