Website for AKV Kidani Village


I just found this website while I was searching for info on Kidani Village.

DVC Animal Kingdom Villas | Animal Kingdom Lodge Fansite


OooOOO, exciting, THANKS! I am SO psyched about staying there in June! I can’t get enough information.


Thanks for the link…only 56 more days! :biggrin:


I can’t wait to see your pictures. Are you going to be the first MBer to stay at Kidani? Sheesh, we’re gonna expect A LOt of pics! Not to mention you ALSO are going to be the first MBer to stay at BLT. No pressure or anything. :tongue:


Very cool web site - I like seeing the pictures of the view of the rooms!


Thank you so much! Very interesting. I hope they post pics of the pool SOON!

Say it with me: “Samawati Springs!” YAY!!!