Website for checking on collections?


I was wondering if there was a site I could go to so I can see about what pins are in what collection? My DD wanted to start really collecting the collectors. Thanks


Just wanted to give a little bump



Thanks! I knew you would know. My DD wanted to get started on a certain collection. This site will tell me everything in that collection? Im checking it out now. Thanks again


You can research any total collection there is on that website. My DD and I use it often to see how many of a set she needs if she starts to collect a certain series…the bottlecap collection was a nightmare…14 pins or something crazy like that.


:eek: That sounds like a nighmare. My DD has the crazy idea that we are going next year just to look for pins.


I would say that 60% of our trip is about what pins my DD is going to find. That’s her fun at WDW and I dont’ mind. It adds a new something to the trip…always new collections to get and new series to complete. She collects every where we go…can’t hurt anything. Helps waiting in line go quicker…helps waiting for everything (parades etc)…she just goes up and down and pin trades with CMs while I hold the spot…it’s better than buying a bunch of nothing that she will never use again. At least the pins are something she keeps and collects…not to expensive either.


Thats right! Im tired of looking at plastic WDW polly pocket doll things and parade light thingies and whatever stuff that they dont need and no longer play with. I rather put the $ into something that she will enjoy and keep for a very long time. I rather put $50 into a pin book and have her fill it and catch her looking at it years to come.


$50…you are dreaming. The book will run about $35…add some pins to it and you got yourself $100…lol worth every cent however…you can add to it every trip. We have two books going right now.


Ya know I think that $35 was what I spent the book. I cant remember. .It was the end of a day in Epcot and I was soooo tired I just went to a pin station and grabbed it and pd for it and left… Oh… Wait… I also bought a framed pin thing that they were offering for $15.00 so I think thats where the $50.00 came into play.
Now for the pins. We spend some money on the ones she really wanted but I was able to get some off of Ebay before we left so she had some traders.


Here is another good site to keep in your favorites:

Official Disney Pin Trading

On the left you can choose a category and see pins that will be released over the next couple of months. It is always updated and you can pick out what new sets or pins you would like to get.
The site is great for all kinds of pin information.:happy:


Thanks for posting that link nutty…DD has that soda can one in mind…I hav a feeling that one is going to be a bit tough to collect, but we can work on it. Of course she has all that info in that hadny little booklette of releases for this year in it too.


What “handy little booklet of new releases for the year” What is that and how can I get one???


Thanks for that link. When my DD wakes up I will have her look and see what she wants to start doing. She also said for christmas she wanted to ask santa to fill her stocking with pins:eek: I better get crackin:laugh: