Website issues?


Is anyone else having trouble with this website lately? The past couple of days, I have had trouble getting in at times…it’s off and on…fine one minute …not the next…

I will try to post something and then it doesn’t “leave” my screen so I wait and wait and wait…then give up…only to find that it posted after all…

Maybe it’s the server that the website uses in my particular area? Or something…I’m not too computer savy…but it happens on all of the computers I use…and just Mousebuzz not other sites…:blink:


It’s not just you. I tried to post a thread this morning and ended up posting it 5 times because of the errors. I didn’t think it posted (I even checked on my phone to see if it posted) so I submitted it again…and again.


Yesterday it seemed at its worst. It would just sit there thinking, not moving. It only happened on this site for me, so I’m assuming Mousebuzz was the one having the issues, and not my computer.


Yes, have had that problem now for 3-4 days.


Wow thank goodness, I thought it was my internet connection. My problem was the page would just half load, I did a thread, and even though it didn’t appear to post, it actually had posted twice. Glad its not just me!


Same issues here.


I just looked at the accounting and it seems you all are in the rears on your dues. Just send those checks to me and the problems will go away.


Oh! I clean forgot- sorry Tigger, Cheque in post-:heart:


The check I sent you already cleared your account. Why am I still having problems??? I guess it’s time to call the Florida BBB. :laugh:


Cleared? It bounced like a rubber biscuit!



…nice try…

…I do have too much “rear” but …can’t blame it on the website…:biggrin:


…nice try…

…I do have too much “rear” but …can’t blame it on the website…:biggrin:[/QUOTE]

Made me lol!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Was having troubles for the past 4 days but I found that my modeum took a hit so verizon sent me a new one over night and now my internet is super fast.


Watch your bill. I had problems with my router and my Internet provider sent me a new one. When I plugged it in it upgraded me to there new super fast Internet connection which also came with there new updated Internet bill. I called them and had them correct their mistake.


There was a day when I tried to get on the site many times, but no go.


Excuse me? I was appointed MB treasurer back when we were DC. There was never a recall election.

Everyone’s dues are accounted for. Excuse me while I pack for WDW. :whistling