Wedding Pavilion and Franck's Studio photo tour!


OK, day before yesterday, I treated myself to a little tour of wedding heaven! I suppose your first stop, should you choose to marry at the Wedding Pavilion, would be at Franck’s Studio, where the wedding planners are. Here are some pics of what’s happening inside!


I love Franck’s!


… and then across the bridge to the Bride’s Vestibule and the Chapel! :wub:


The Bride’s Vestibule has two separate dressing areas, and is on the right, and the chapel is to the left. the area is filled with gorgeous photograph and portrait spots, and it would be so beautiful to marry day or night here. Cool if they could time the cveremony to end with fireworks during the kiss, since the Castle is perfectly framed in the chapel window!


Thanks for showing the pictures of this inside----I’ve always looked out from the monorail to this area and wondered what it looks like inside…

My DH tried to convince DD to marry here two years ago—he thought that in the long run it would end up being less expensive because less people would want to attend a receptions!!! :laugh::laugh:

She did go try on the Disney Wedding gowns, however. They were not what they “appeared” like online at the time, so she chose one that was kind of like a “Belle” gown from another company. :smile:

Thanks again for sharing…


Franck’s Studio!:laugh: Wouldn’t love to have a wedding planner like Franck! What a gorgeous place - I don’t dare show my daughters!


Are you touring the Wedding Pavilion because Johnny Depp finally popped the question???:laugh::laugh:


How pretty! Thanks for posting the pictures!


The captain proposed, I accepted, and we were married! :pirate:


I would love to attend a wedding at Disney!! So beautiful!