Wedindisney's Trip Report from the Magic!


Good Morning everyone!

CM’s: Husband and Myself
Dates: 10-01-2010 till 10-08-2010
BLT & Kidani Village

We left NJ for the drive down to the Magic on Wednesday night at around 8pm. We were trying to beat all the rain/storm and we were some what lucky. We didnt hit rain till just after Washington DC and it didnt stop until we were in SC… Anyway… We made it to Orlando and to our over night stay at Lake Buena Vista Hotel (aka Best Western) in DTD around 530pm. The room there was nice and we couldn’t beat the price of $60.00. We were both so tired that we just hung out in the hotel and fell asleep early…

Friday Oct 1st…
DH & I woke up at around 8am, got ready, loaded up the truck with our overnight bags and went back into the hotel to have their breakfast buffett. The food was ok, it wasnt great but its enough to get ya through…LOL!
We then decided to head over to BLT and check in and see if our rooms were ready.
When we got to the security gate at the Contemp, my husband was so cute cause he showed the security CM our DVC member beach towel and ask him if we can use this to get in. :laugh: So after we got our parking pass from security we went into the Contemp and waited in a very short line to check in… We maybe waited 5 mins tops… So we get called up to the checkin desk and the CM we had to check us in was in training and let me just say he did an AWESOME job… He is going to fit in very well with the Disney way of life…
DH & I were shocked to find out that our room was ready and it was only 11am. So we headed on over to BLT and checked out the room, then went for a walk around BLT to look at the pooll area etc… I took some pics which I will be attaching after this.
We decided to walk over to the Contemp and check things out, DH went into the arcade and fell in love with this Deal or No Deal Game. The game is just like show and you win tickets which you can use to get stuff at the counter. So far we have about 243 tickets and he wants to go back later on tonight…
We then went and took a ride over to Walmart to get some drinks and snacks since we only have a studio till sunday. When we got back we unloaded everything, chilled out in the room, took showers etc and then hopped on over to the monorail to the POLY.
We walked around the Poly, and I bought a stanless steel cuff bracelet from the Wyland Gallery, then we went over to Sunset Pointe @ the Poly (this is where we got married 8 years ago) We met a very nice couple from PA and talked to them for a little while and then we headed back into the Poly…
By now it was like 8pm and we were kind of hungary so went over to Kona Cafe and we were lucky cause we only had to wait about 15 mins and we got a table.
We LOVE the food @ Kona… We shared the dumplings, I had the chicken asian noodles and DH had the ribeye steak… For desert DH had the Kilahuea Torte and I had the pineapple upside down cake… We were sooo full after eating and we even had some left overs to bring back to the room…
We headed back on the monorail and back to BLT. We were going to go and check out the roof top bar viewing area at BLT but we were both so tired and full that we just hung in the room. Then to our surprise, we were back in time to see the electric light water parade. I took some pictures but they didnt seem to come out that great. I have to figure out my new camera. Anyway after that I went to sleep and DH stayed up for a little while longer and then he finally fell asleep…


A few more pictures for ya of the view from our room…


Sounds like a great start for your vacation. Can’t wait to hear more.


Pics from around BLT…


Pics of the Wyland Bracelet & Elec Light Parade…


Day #2…Sat Oct 2nd…
We woke up to a wake up call from Mickey & Stitch… I got up and made coffee, DH slept for a little while longer… Then we both had coffee on the balcony and chit chatted for a few mins…
DH just left and went over to the Gym at the Contemp, and Im in the room starting todays TR… I will be meeting him over @ the Contemp in about a 1/2 hour or so cause we have ADR’s for Chef Mickey’s @ 1030am…
I will post todays events with pics later on tonight… Hope everyone has a MAGICAL DAY!


Great start! I’m so glad you got there safely. Can’t wait to hear more!


Sounds like your having a great time!! Keep it coming!


Great trip report! The BLT looks sooooo nice! I hope you have a great trip, and I can’t wait to read more of your TR! :wub:


A few more pics…


I also, LOVE that game,Deal or No Deal. I am not a game kinda person,but this is a fun one to play. I am glad everything is goin great for you all. Have a great time and can"t wait to read more!!!


Great start! Keep posting those pics!


We just got home from BLT. We just loved being able to walk home from MK. One night we went into MK at 8:50, just to see wishes. We would have never done that if it then involved spenting 45 min to wait for a bus and then 25 min standing on said bus.


Great TR so far. Can’t wait to read more!


Hope you are having a wonderful time!! Looking forward to more TR :slight_smile:


Love your TR…keep the details coming and have a great time!!


Love your TR and love the photos too- looking forward to more.


I’m enjoying your TR! :happy:


Sorry for the delay…
So back to Saturday am…
I met up with DH at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and we only waited about 10 mins before we were seated. As always breakfast was great and we took some pics with the characters (Ive attached the ones from my camera, I still have ones on my phone that I need to attach later)
After breakfast we headed back over to the monorail and went over to the MK. We had to wait a little longer than normal at the monorail because one of the monorails on the express had broken down and they had to switch another one over. After about 15 mins we were on our way.
We got to the MK and went over to guest services to renew our DVC annual passes. While we were waiting in line we were chatting with a CM named Michelle who was so funny. After we got our AP’s we went into the MK and at first it looked really empty, hardly noone on main street. Then we headed over to Tomorrow land and OMG everyone was there…We went into the Laughing Floor with no wait at all which I was shocked seeing as how many people where walking around. After Laughing Floor we walked over towards fantasy land to check out the work in progress. There were alot of people taking pics in front of the construction signs etc so we werent really able to see anything.
DH said that he wanted to leave and had back to BLT and go in the pool. So we headed back, got changed and to the pool we went. It was about 5pm and we were only in the pool for about an hour when the lifeguards told everyone to exit the pool and it would be closed for about 30 mins. My DH being the person that he is had to know why they were closing the pool, so he asked one of the lifeguards and she said that someone had “an accident” in the pool. OMG! We were both having flashbacks to that scene in the movie Caddyshack… LOL!
So we went back to the room, took showers and decided to go check out the Top of the World at BLT. We had a drink and a crab appetizer. Then went out and looked at the amazing view over the MK. We stayed there till about 830 and of coarse DH wanted to go back to the arcade at the Contemp to play his deal or no deal game. After that we took the bus over to DTD and checked out some of the stores, and I had to go into Team Mickey to get my DM an Alabama shirt with Mickey on it, then we went to Ghiardells for some ice creme. After we finished we decided to head back to the room and relax and start packing our stuff up cause we were checking out of BLT in the am and checking into Kidani Villlage.


Here are some pics from Chef Mickeys I dont take pics very well thats why you will ever see me in hardly any of our pics LOL