Week after Christmas compared to July 4th


OK, we took our then 6 year old and 3 year old to Disney World 2 summers ago on the week of July 4th. Was it packed and crowded? Most definitely, but we had a blast and really learned how to use the FastPass system.

Christmas of 09’ I wanted to go back. I wanted to wake up Christmas morning and open gifts and then go to eat lunch with family and open gifts…and then load up in the van and just start driving but not saying ANYTHING about Disney World. Then after an hour or so they will wonder why we haven’t made it home and spilling the beans then. (btw it takes me 12 hours to drive it).

I have read sooo much about it being so crowded, but how much more crowded can it be than on the 4th of July. I can handle up to 20% more crowded, but not like double what it was on the 4th.

We are taking my mom this time around…so we can get 5 FastPasses and for many rides only 2 or three of us will ride. I think this will help alot. Also, we know the things we HAVE to see and ride.

Lastly, we found a few ways to kill the time. The Disney Dining Plan was a great break and we would routinely get a FastPass for a ride around 11:00am that might have hour wait and then we would just get lunch and by the time we were through it was time for the ride. Also, we got our boys the starter packs for the trading pins and they went crazy with it. They were always looking for pins and would routinely kill time in line by trading pins with park employees. Then finally, Extra Magic Hours…we used the late night hours as opposed to the early hours - so we would sleep late and be rested and not grumpy.

Also, the family sized room that sleeps 6 at All-Star Music, has anyone stayed in it? Opinions?

Will we be OK having experienced the crowds on the 4th or will this week shock us? Btw, my wife is a school teacher so going at an off-time is really not an option anyway.


I cannot answer your question,but i know someone here can. The people on have have tons of info,so no shortage of that on here. I just wanted to say WELCOME TO MOUSEBUZZ!!!:flowers:


thanks MouseMom…I was extremely excited to nail down another trip to DW and was about to leap out of my chair at the thought of it when I was at my travel agents office. I don’t think I have ever handed over $200 (room deposit) so easily in my life.

I have 10 or so months to before I can’t make changes in my trip and just want to make sure the experience is worth the crowd level. I know it was on the 4th and it was 100 degrees then.


I think anytime other than July 4th (or anytime in July) would be a great time. It is way to hot to go then,well at least for me. You are staying at a value? We have been to Pop Century and ASM and they both were good. Pop was better in my opinion though. What are you plans while visiting there? Where are you staying?


Welcome to MB!!! Here is a chart from Touring Plans
TouringPlans.com - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World


I have been to DW on both the 4th of July and week after Christmas. The crowd is much worse during Christmas week. The only time I ever thought I was going to be trampled was trying to get the Frontierland on Dec 27th! The only plus is it is not hot like it is in July. I will never go back either time. Just way too many people in one place! After New Years the crowd is drastically reduced. Last year we went in Nov and had a great time. We were able to see Christmas decorations and enjoy MVMCP without the crowds. We are headed back in Jan.


First off, welcome.

Like rlb said, there is no comparison. The 4th is busy, but New Years is nearly TWICE as busy. Then, as soon as the new year hits, attendance drops off the face of the earth.


thanks, I used that site for the last trip and it proved VERY helpful. We would go to the less crowded parks in the day and make dinner reservations at the parks the had extra magic hours for that night. We parked hopped b/w day and night and that also passed the time.


what about the week before Christmas? You now got me thinking…Dec 19 - Dec 26 of 2009. If, I can get my family to postpone Christmas till the Dec 27th.

How is it the week BEFORE Christmas?

Edited: NeverMind, I see it is just as busy then too.

We are staying at All-Star Music - they have rooms that sleep up to 6 and it is either that or get two rooms.

First go around we stayed at All-Star Movies and it was great. Alot of extras and great service for the “economy” resort.


I don’t have any info for you, sorry, but wanted to welcome you to MB!! :mickey:


We did the week before Christmas and had a great time. We arrived around the 17th and the first few days were medium crowds but then by the time the 21st hit the crowds exploded. However, I am sure it was MUCH better than between Christmas and New Years.


OK, just sat and discussed all this with my wife. She can take a week off, but it can’t run into the day before or after school vacation days begin.

Which leaves me with Dec. 8th - 15th, 2009 or Jan. 8 - 15, 2010. I am thinking the December dates are the best.

This is getting frustrating.


The way prices and availability have changed on resorts over the last couple weeks I would guess that crowds are going to be light after January 1.


Let me tell you…all the Christmas stuff will be gone in January BUT if you could do the January dates I would definitely do those. You will most likely find the parks almost empty. January is a great time to go.


I would pick the January dates as the crowds will be much lighter!!


I think you will be happy with either early Dec or early Jan.


ooh - i’d be torn! crowds won’t be as bad the beginning of december and you get Christmas decorations. crowds are even better in january though…i’d have to pick december, just because i’ve never seen the Christmas decorations - and i really want to be there for those someday!!


If you want Christmas decor,then go in Dec. the crowds are decent then. Jan would be better if you just want low crowds.


my travel agent just sold me. Less crowds than what I experienced on the 4th, all the Christmas atmosphere, and $1000 off the originally quoted price.

Now to get my wife on board and this is a sealed deal for Dec 8 - 15.


[QUOTE=dadofthree;914161]my travel agent just sold me. Less crowds than what I experienced on the 4th, all the Christmas atmosphere, and $1000 off the originally quoted price.

Now to get my wife on board and this is a sealed deal for Dec 8 - 15.[/QUOTE]

Excellent choice, dadofthree!!! Fewer crowds and you get to see all the great Christmas stuff!!!

Btw, Welcome to MB!!!