Week After Thanksgiving


My DW and I are considering our first trip WITHOUT kids for fall of 2010. A local friend suggested the week immediately following Thanksgiving. Apparently, the crowds are low but the Christmas decorations are up. Anyone who’s been there at that time, is this an accurate assessment?

Thank you.


They say the two weeks before Thanksgiving and the first two weeks of December should be really great. I know about before Thanksgiving, but know nothing about December :closedeye


We went the week of 12/13 and it was very cool. By ‘cool’ I mean ‘nice’, not temperature cool.


We’ve been there the first week in December and can attest to low crowds and short lines… not to mention spectacular weather (although, there’s always risk of an unseasonable cold front)

MVMCP still tends to draw a crowd, but if you’re by yourselves, you might be willing to stay after the first parade (crowds tend to thin)

I HIGHLY recommend following your friend’s advice.


So it was written:
So let it be done.


We did the first week in December a few years back. The crowds were low. I wore shorts mostly but had a hoody jacket on. Wife and kids wore pants. The decorations are awesome. Take your friends advice and go. Of course you probably wont be swimming in the pool.


Well, I guess if your location is “coolsville,” you know cool.:laugh:


We always go the first week of Dec and it’s a great time to go. Give it a try!


I always go from about Dec 2 thru the 10th. The crowds are always good but MK might get a little crowded on the 1st Friday and Saturday of December due to the filming of the Christmas parade. I find it the best time to go, but don’t let the secret out. HaHa



All the decorations are up EVERYWHERE!!! So beautiful, and tomorrow we light the castle for the first time this year!


We’ve been several times during the week after Thanksgiving. Definitely a good time to go! It does get busier on the weekend but the weekdays are nice.

Thanks for the update Rowdy!


Rowdy…how about the lights of winter in epcot (the arch thing)? About 6 different sites are saying there might not be any this year. We know you know EVERYTHING, so what’s the deal??? Yes (:happy:) or NO (:crying:) ??


Was at Studios all day, so not sure. I don’t see how’d they do it without them, but since they no longer do Tree Lighting show at Epcot I guess anything’s possible. Will try to remember to stop by tomorrow after work.