Week Before Christmas


My husband and I have booked a trip with our three sons, ages 9,5,and 4 to take a trip from December 17th through December 24th. How are the crowds during this time of year? Any suggestions for handling them?

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When going to WDW with big crowds, I highly suggest making an very detailed plan. Figure what parks you want to do on each day, make PS’s for any sit-down meals you may want to have, get ot the parks for rope drop or use early morning hour whenever possible. Pick out your “must see’s” and do them as soon as the park opens to get the smallest lines possible. The Unofficial Guide to WDW had a few tour plans in it, if you want some ideas. I don’t know the crowd levels for that paticular week however, I am just making suggestions for crowded trips. :mickey:


Wow, that’s going to be incredible. Hope you get to see the Christmas parade in Magic Kingdom! I wanted to do that last year but ended up going in Feb.


We have gone the last two years at Christmas and the crowds really haven’t picked up until Christmas day, even Christmas eve wasn’t that bad. HTH


And don’t forget a plan in case one of your little ones-god forbid wanders off. Like a centralized meeting location…


Crossing fingers it isn’t bad…we will be there Dec 18th~23rd. Can’t wait to see Disney at Christmas! Hope you have a magical trip!


That is going to be a special trip. I would love to go there then. I am still trying to figure out a way to sneak to Orlando in December one year…lol My boss would need a death notice for me to get out of working during our rush season…lol