Does anyone know if Wegoshop is still in business? Their phone from the website is saying it is disconnected??



I totally don’t know what that is!


Do you mean the Lego Shop at DTD?

In January it looked rather barebones.

(Oh, wow, it just dawned on me “in January” was nearly a year ago! Were did the last 11 months go???)


I read on another site that WeGoShop was under new ownership. I am not sure if that’s true or not, I didn’t read all of the information.


and what is it!?


Inluv, I’m using www.Netgrocer.com for my upcoming trip. They have plenty to choose from and their delivery charge isn’t that bad, you may want to check them out.


I’m with Erin…what is this Wegoshop of which you speak?


I believe it was a grocery delivery service. They would shop for you and have the groceries delivered to your resort.


Don’t know :confused: :confused: :confused: :mickey:


Wegoshop is a grocery delivery service in Orlando that will deliver groceries to your resort if you pay a delivery fee!!


Thanks… I checked into them and gardengrocer.com They sound like they will work!! Their prices are a little bit high but not completely outrageous and the gentleman I talked to was willing to bend over backwards for us so bonus!


Netgrocer was very nice when I spoke to them a few weeks ago. Yes, their prices are a bit high, but will still help me to save some bucks on my upcoming trip and not to mention the convenience of having some food in our room.


Thank you for clearing that up for palmickey, Ingamba, and me. We were confused and unhappy.



So glad I could help make you guys happy (the jury is still out on the confused part) :tongue:


What are you guys talking about? I’m confused. :huh: But at least I’m happy :wink:


I agree I will still save $$ in the long run!! And having them deliver it to you is great to!


I’d rather be confused and happy than crystal and unhappy…

but confused and uphappy is no way to be.

Sometimes BEING confused makes me happy and sometimes being happy makes me confused.

That makes sense right?

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I’m not sure of your situation, but if you are flying into Orlando, why not just stop at a grocery store on the way to the resort? We did that last time & will definetly be doing it again in Jan/06.


I’m totally with you on everything you said, Merlin. Count me in.




We are using ME so no option to stop! But we found Gardengrocer.com and they were awesome and will even deliver beer!!!

Problem solved! :happy:
Thanks for all of the advice!!