Weird college program question


My daughter just finished her college program and LOVED IT!! She applied and is now officially working at Magic Kingdom!! This is all great but her friend from here in Colorado just moved down to Florida for the January college program. She is nervous tho because she has a MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) ( I didn’t know what that was until today. Hahaha)anyway will that keep her from being able to stay in the college program? She got it in Colorado while she was in college last year. Anyone know if this is going to be a problem for my daughters friend?? She is concerned. And how quickly would she know?


I can’t answer your question but congratulations to your daughter. Where is she working in MK?


As an employer, honest is the best policy. “I was underage and caught drinking. Learned my lesson, blah, blah, blah.”

If you don’t tell, it WILL show up on a background report. Even if I thought it wouldn’t show up as a juv, I think I’d admit it. Shows maturity.

EVERYBODY gets background reports ESPECIALLY when there are kids involved. I ROUTINELY have them run on me for Make-A-Wish, Kiwanis, Scouting, Civil Air Patrol & a museum I volunteer at. You can bet that Disney surely does.


Thanks for the replies. My daughter is now working at Columbia Harbour House. She has a theater degree and hopes to move into entertainment positions. She already has auditioned for street performer. She really loves it.

And her friend must be ok she said she did disclose the MIP so they kept her in the CP!