Weird Disney Vacation habits


What do you do on your Disney vacation that you don’t normally do?
I eat that strange plastic-y, cheese-like condiment that they have on all of the fixin’s bars by the ton (I love that stuff!!),

I drink alcohol (I never drink at home, but those frozen margaritas, Kungalooshes, and fun lighted-ice-cube drinks just call my name at WDW),

and I spend outrageous amounts of money on things like t-shirts and stuffed animals – NEVER do I do that when I’m not on vacation! :laugh:


LOL I’m with you on the spending money! :stuck_out_tongue: I am NOT a splurger when it comes to clothes shopping at home…but at WDW? :whistling Somebody restrain me!!

I can’t think of anything weird that I do when on vacation…except maybe the fact that when I’m on vacation I LOVE iced tea! :wub: :wacko: At home, I never order it. Ever. But on Disney vacations, I drink it all the time!!! It’s the strangest thing…


I drink Coke (that’s the Coca-Cola style) NON-stop…Well, I do that at home too…I get kinda weird on vacations…more weird.


I’ll find out my bad habit when we’re on our trip in May…I’m probably going to have more than one! haaahaaa…



I finally start spending all the money I’ve saved all year to go to Disney!!
I’m pretty cheap in between trips.


YESSSS bali!!! I love that cheese too!!! It goes on everything… french fries, cheeseburgers, chicken fingers… whatever I order, there’s some melted cheese on the side. :laugh:

I’m just generally weird in WDW… I dance down Main Street to the music, I sing along to Wishes, I try to get random people to wave to me from the train… just crazy stuff. I don’t know why. Disney puts me in a good mood to begin with and the fact that I’m surrounded by complete strangers I guess makes me a little less self-conscious than normal. :slight_smile:


PrincessJill, What you are experiencing is, what I like to call, the child we supress when we are trying to act all grown up. I have been accused of acting like a kid a lot but when in WDW I can never get a hold of that kid. He runs free and never wants to leave. See, there is magic in this place!


I walk a whole lot - definitely out of character for me. Plus I eat hotdogs which I NEVER do at home. But I like to save money on food so I have more for my…er…trip around World Showcase:whistling: so it’s hotdogs for me and turkey legs for Pete.

Oh yeah, and I drink Bud if we are in MGM or AK…I would DIE before drinking a Bud anywhere outside of WDW, but once you’re in the parks with no options, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.


I don’t know that I really have any weird vacation habits. I spend a lot of money on souvenirs, but that isn’t really a weird thing for me. I guess my only habit, and I don’t really think that it is weird, is that I eat whatever I want. If I see it and want it, I eat it. That is out of the ordinary for me…I do a pretty good job of watching my diet otherwise. But as I have heard, nothing in WDW has any fat or calories, so I guess my habit is ok!!!


Ahhh so that’s what it is. I’m in college and everday I keep wondering what the heck is happening!! I don’t feel old enough to be in college at all! Good thing WDW is there to let my inner Little Princess run wild. :laugh:


But as I have heard, nothing in WDW has any fat or calories, so I guess my habit is ok!!!

This is true…it’s because all that you eat and drink is burned up by the magical excitement (all of the walking helps a lot too).

As for any weird vacation habits, I think that spending a whole lot on souvenirs would be the only thing really out of the norm, especially when considering the price of T-shirts.

For weird pre-vacation habits, I think we qualify by justifying our recent purchase of a new laptop computer mainly so we can save all of our digital pictures in WDW and not have to buy extra memory cards. :wacko:



I eat breakfast. Every day. I never eat breakfast at home. Comes from years of rushing around in the morning, getting kids to school, off to work…yes, I know it’s the most important meal of the day. But by the time I think about it, it’s noon.


Three words.
Mint Julips. Churros.


I test my skin’s ability to rebound by getting way too much sun!!! And then I test the rest of me by having a little nip by the pool – several times over! Soemthing about the smell of chlorine while you are downing a tequila sunrise really caps off a perfect WDW day!


I think, actually, that the food – hot dogs, french fries, etc. – is only the vehicle for the cheese. :biggrin:

My WDW food groups are: weird plastic-y melted cheese, margaritas, Main Street Bakery chocolate chip cookies, and 'Ohana. :mickey: :mickey:


I just thought of quite possibly the weirdest thing I do on vacation:

I GET UP EARLY. :eek: :noo:

Every other day of my life, 10 AM is early for me (hey, I’m self-employed! :laugh:) But in WDW, I’m up and raring to go as early as 6!!! SIX AM!!! What’s wrong with me!!! LOL


Well, PrincessJill, it has been well over 20 years since I graduated college and I actually think that inner child is escaping more and more often as I get older (maybe because I got smarter and stopped trying to suppress him). You see, age does bring wisdom and my motto now is “once the inner child dies, you are dead.” So, live on little fellow and run free. :laugh: I do not care anymore who thinks I am acting like a kid because if more people would let themselves free the world would be a much more fun and friendly place. WDW is the one place I have found that people actually do this and that is why it is my favorite place in the world. :cool: :wink:


We sometimes check out our little stone in front of the magic kingdom…and I sing along to a bunch of songs in the background of the lands…

And I do this with my little brother…I pretend I am hosting a disney travel show and start introducing all the lands, parks, and rides…giving little facts and such…