Weird Japanese Thing? YES


Have you heard of Cubic Mouth yet? Apparently Disney did license this. They scare me. So much. Yet I can’t look away. They have all kinds of things too, from tote bags to plush to shirts and things like that.

Opinions? The day I see these out of Japan and in WDW or DL, I will probably scream in terror. Then probably get one.


I’ve never seen or heard of these before. They’re a little odd-not really my taste. I think I just like classic Disney characters. I don’t even like the little cuties or whatever they’re called.


I think these scare me. The verdict is still out. I will let you know tomorrow if I had nightmares


I’ll pass, not my thing.


:laugh::laugh:That is what I was thinking!!

I just showed my son and he said they are scary and “American Disney” is the best.:rolleyes:


That’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen related to Disney. I must now watch 4 kittehn videos on youtube to keep my sleep free of those demons.


OMG! I dont like them at all. Very strange and odd…


Um, no.

Just no.


They look like zombies.


They eat raw fish what do you expect…


hmmmm…that’s just wrong!


They look like someone/something coming off a bad drug trip. Can’t believe Disney would allow this.


Just googling the company name that I saw on a few pictures (“studio crocodile”) brought me to their site. I found some Peter Pan designs too. It kind of makes me laugh now.


Nope not for me. I still have trouble with the “big head” on a little body designs. (not sure what they are called) but they are a cuter than these things. Yikes!


ugh no, they’re horrid- I think they look like the dark side of Disney- and yes, Zombie like.


Strange…very strange. Even from my warped perspective.


blech :blow:


no just no… someone slap disney…