Weird MNSSHP question


Okay, so here is the deal. My in-laws may be joining us for the MNSSHP in a couple of weeks because the two folks who were coming with us cancelled (bummer). We have LTT reservations at 5:40. Will they have to buy a day ticket to the MK to join us for dinner? Or is a ticket to MNSSHP enough? Thanks in advance! :wub:


5:40 the park is still open. they wiull need to get a park pass. MNSSHP does’t officially start until 7 (i think)


If you have MNSSHP tickets you can get in the park at 4pm with ADRs you will have no problem. We did the exact same thing. We got in the park at 4 and our ADR was 6pm. We rode for 2 hours before dinner as everyone else was leaving the park…it was great!


Exactly what I was going to say. You do not need a park pass to enter the mk after 4pm if you have a MNSSHP ticket. Get you party bracelette to enter.:heart:


great minds…:laugh:


Do you know if the same “rules” apply to MVMCP?


Same thing. You can enter the park for the party if you have a ticket…after 4pm that is.


Thanks, Dana. Am suprising the DD with MVMCP and this will be an added plus after the drive!!!


That is so cool. she is going to love it.


Nope, not true. You DON’T need a park pass. You can get in the park as early as 4pm with your MNSSHP ticket…I even got in at 3:45 because I had a 4:05 ADR once! :happy:

ETA I just saw everyone’s responses. Sorry, I’m slow.


THANKS SO MUCH!!! This is the best board! :wub:


Oh, and we did try and change our reservations to later, but no such luck (tried a month ago; the night we are going is totally sold out).

Thanks again! We are so excited for our trip! :biggrin:


What night are you guys going?


The 26th. And you?


30th. I think my night is sold out too. I hope that doesn’t mean mega crowds in the park for the whole time we are there…we are leaving the same day.


I admit I am concerned…we checked availability at the BC for my inlaws, and nothing, nothing, nothing… Yikes!


oh boy…that’s not good… Early morning touring for sure then for us. I don’t do crowds at all. I will be at the parks when the rope drops…lol


I thought it was crowded that night we there on the 15th! I really enjoyed riding between 4-6 while the day crowds were leaving. That gives you more time to enjoy the special activities during the party in my opinion. Stay for the 2nd parade…it was less crowded than the first for sure!


sorry i gave incorrect information…