Welcom M's DD


Give a big welcome to my DD10 who has just registered under the name M’s DD. I was reading the knitting thread in Chit Chat, and showing her the respose to the sweater picture, and she wanted to respond, and then register. I have no idea if she will be hooked, or lose interest, but she’s here for now.


[SIZE=5]Welcome M’s DD!! [/SIZE]
We’re glad to have you as our newest DC member!

:wub: :tongue: :cool: :happy: :heart: :angel: :flowers: :biggrin: :mickey:


Welcome Welcome! I hope that you will have fun here at DC!


Welcome M’s DD. I hope you have a lot of fun here.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of DC!

…Wait… Aww man… It’s really Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney… Oh well! Stitch and I can change it if we want!


I already met M’sDD at the Luau. She really is a cutie! Welcome to the boards!


Welcome, DD!!!


:flowers: Welcome M’s DD! Happy Posting! :flowers:


Aw, welcome! We love newbies on here!


Welcome M’sDD!! Enjoy your time here :mickey:


Welcome M’sDD!


Thanks all of you for the welcome. She’s having a little trouble registering, I think because I have to fill out some form and send it to Mickey because she’s under 13. I’ve e-mailed him for help - so hopefully it won’t be long before she’s posting under her own user name.


Welcome!! You will enjoy it here and we love newbies!!


Welcome!!! Hope to see you posting a lot:)


Welcome! Now your mom has me curious about this knitting thread in chit chat…guess I’ll have to post a lot to get my post count up!


Welcome M’s DD. So glad you decided to join us!!!


Welcome M’s DD!! Can’t wait to meet you! :slight_smile:


Welcome to DC, I hope you can start posting soon.


Welcome, M’s DD! Have a wonderful time on DC!


Thanx Ddoll I remember you too! The louau was so much fun! :angel: