Welcome, Daydreamer!


Your avatar caught my eye! You look so happy to be at WDW!!! :c)

Welcome to DC, we’re glad to have you! :c)

What resort are you going to be staying at!?


Welcome to DC Daydreamer! Happy Posting!


welcome to DC


Thanks for the warm welcome and you’re right, I was really happy! Its definitely my favorite place to be. I will probably be staying at the Carribean Beach but I haven’t really decided yet. Have any suggestions?


Caribbean Beach is WONDERFUL! It was the first resort we stayed at!



We’ve stayed at Caribbean Beach twice and both times it’s been great!! If you’re looking at Moderate resorts in general, Port Orleans Riverside is a great place too. The great thing is that wherever you stay at Disney is gonna be terrific!! Welcome to DC!


Welcome to DC!! :flowers:


Welcome to Disney Central!
I’ll be working in Epcot when you go to WDW, stop by the Canada pavillion and say hi :smile:


Congrats on working for Disney!! Maybe one day it’ll be me! That’s my dream job!




yeah thanks :flowers: I’m sure all the DC gang are tired of me talking about it :laugh: hee hee, but I am SO excited to go! (but also so sad to leave my family for a year)
It’s totally my dream job too, it’s just the beginning of my Disney career :smile:


WElcome to disney central!


Welcome to the unusual world of DC, DayDreamer!


I have said Welcome to you before but…Welcome to DC!!!:smile:

Now you can add yourself to the DC Members Map:


Hi ho…welcome to Dc. Happy posting. Make your next place POR! If you haven’t been there, I could come along as a guide.




Just popping in to say WELCOME!!! Hope you fun on the board!


:mickey: Welcome! :mickey:


Of course we are not sick of hearing about it! I welcomed you in the other thread, but welcome anyway!


Welcome to DC! :mickey: