Welcome, Guinea Pigs, or Mice, or whatever


I have two simple questions for you all:

Imagine you are purchasing something large for your family, the cost is about $5,000. You found a website that saves you some money off of that item, say $250, so you purchase it there. You have two choices to get the $250, discount off the top or rebate.

Which do you choose, discount or rebate? (no paper work required for the rebate, it just comes in the mail a couple of days later)

Do either of these terms (discount & rebate) have a negative connotation to you?

Thanks for playing along, just trying to solve an argument.


Rebates usually mean you have to wait for the money, but with discounts, you get it up front. And, I have sent away for rebates that never seem to arrive. Does that help any?


I’ve been skunked with rebates before. They usually try to make it so difficult that you just give up. Of course you said there is “no paperwork” for the rebate, but I’d take the discount up front.


I agree with lovemysons - I would rather have the discount than wait for the rebate!


I also would go with the discount! I hate waiting for rebates to come and would prefer to save the money at the time of purchase.


Discount up front. Even though you do not have to fill out any paper work, it still seems to take longer with rebates.


Discount right off the top is what I would prefer.


I use both, but prefer discount off the top. If sales tax is involved, you still pay sales tax on the whole amount with a rebate, with a discount you save on tax also.


Discount - I want what’s mine now!


I’m with everyone else! Discount gives me the immediate gratification I require:) Rebate only has a neg. feeling because I’ve heard some stories about never getting the rebate.


Another vote for discount. Even though it’s not the scenario you described, the purpose of a rebate is generally to entice you to buy something… and then they hope you forget to apply for it. The actual application rate for rebates is astonishingly low.

Of course, I am astonishingly cheap, so I ALWAYS fill them out to get my money! :laugh:


I vote for discount. I’ve received too many rebates that are “$xxx off the next purchase” . . . that makes my blood boil!


It depends on how you paid for the object. Did you finance or pay cash or check? If you financed (credit card or website charge) then you want the discount up front so you can finance the smaller amount. If you paid cash or check then take the discount or the rebate. Joe


I’d take a discount over a rebate every time if it’s the same amount of money.


Discount! Discount! Discount!


Ok, So Mick - what has the question to do with the title?


Discount -definitely. Rebate always conjers up work (even if there isn’t any) and waiting.


I want the money off at that moment in a discount. I can’t stand rebates.


A couple of days later? Your mail is obviously more efficient than MY mail service…

I would go with the Discount up front, UNLESS:

You get “mileage” points for every dollar you spend on a credit card. :cool:

That would be the ONLY reason to not take the discount.


Definitely the discount. Why pay for something and then need to wait to get money back?