Welcome Home, InGAMBa!


The truth is: I only missed you a little bit.

But, I’m sure others were devistated by your absence.

I’m glad you’re home, though :c)


Oh sure you only missed him a little! Welcome back and i think you better get on asap before Erin sends out a search party so she can get a trip report!!!


Welcome home!!! I see you have reserved your TR thread–I can’t wait to hear the deatils :mickey:


Welcome home!! I am glad it was amazing! So did this trip seal the DVC deal? hehe!!!



We miss ya punk :cool: You’d better be working on that TR instead of sleeping tonight buddy! :biggrin:


Welcome home! Cant wait to hear all about the trip! :mickey:


Hey Dude!!

I can’t believe you are home already… That time flew I can only imagine how fast you feel the time went! :noo:

Welcome back… can’t wait to read your trip report… but I don’t know when that will be…so I may just have to catch the little stories you tell in other threads… Hopefully I will get a chance to read your report!


Welcome home it feels like you left yesterday


Who? Never heard of him.


Welcome back! I can’t wait to read your trip report, I hope you stayed up all night writing it.


Welcome home Gumby…turning over the page to go and read your TR.


ingumba welcome home.


You were gone? :angel:

Uh…well…Welcome back, I guess… :wink: